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Naval Reserve (Clan Blood Spirit)

Clan Blood Spirit.jpg
Naval Reserve
Unit Profile (as of 3084)
Nickname Blood Galaxy
Parent Formation None


The Naval Reserve lost two WarShips during the Burrock Absorption, including the former flagship, Carmine Justice.[1] In 3064 it lost the Blood Fury in the York system to a Clan Star Adder attack.

In 3067, the Naval Reserve sortied to escort the new Iota Galaxy on their raid of Tathis, managing to destroy one of Clan Star Adder's Vincent class WarShips in the process. In 3071, the Rocinante was crippled, likely beyond repair, by Clan Ghost Bear over Arcadia.

In 3082, the Naval Reserve lost the Exsanguine in the Colleen system to Clan Coyote, and in 3084 the last of the Naval Reserve comprising the Karianna Schmitt and the Stooping Kite was destroyed by Clan Star Adder in the final defense of the Colleen system.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Naval Reserve
Star Admiral Phen Johns 3059[1]
Star Admiral Brean McFadden 3059[1]


Prefer hide-and-strike tactics because of their small numbers.[1]

Composition HistoryEdit



  • Exsanguine Aegis- class Heavy Cruiser
  • Stooping Kite York-class Carrier
  • Blood Fury Lola III-class Destroyer - Destroyed 3064 [2]
  • Rocinante Black Lion-class Battle Cruiser - Destroyed 3072 [3]


  • Exsanguine Aegis- class Heavy Cruiser - Destroyed 3082 [4]
  • Stooping Kite York-class Carrier - Destroyed 3084 [4]
  • Karianna Schmitt Carrack-class Transport - Destroyed 3084 [4]


  • The Naval Reserve also includes all Blood Spirit Transport and Aerospace assets.


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