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Nelson Geist

Nelson Geist
Born 3007[1]
Died 25 October 3055[2]
Affiliation Federated Commonwealth
Kell Hounds
Profession Kommandant
Children Jon Geist

Nelson Geist (born 3007 - died 3055) was a Lyran MechWarrior and, briefly, a member of the Kell Hounds mercenary group prior to his death in the Red Corsair affair where he played a pivotal role.


Early Life and CareerEdit

Nelson Geist was born on Kooken's Pleasure Pit, growing up in an arid region. He trained at the Nagelring academy, and in 3027, was assigned to a winter semester training with Gregg's Long Striders on Ford.[3] He arrived there a month prior to Christmas, and volunteered to the Yule Patrol, in Christmas, expecting to earn his comrades' respect, with a borrowed Phoenix Hawk BattleMech. His boring patrol become his fire baptism when he was attacked by Anti-Nick and the Elves from Hell, a lance of bandits who gone raiding on Christmas from time to time. Using the jump jets of his 'Mech, Nelson managed to keep himself alive and down a Jenner, Then, two of the three remaining Bandit 'Mechs head to their target, but Nick in his BattleMaster pursued him.[4] Despite Nick's BattleMech was heavier, Nelson was better pilot, but was on the brink of defeat when, in a stroke of genius, provoked an avalanche, burying Nick's 'Mech. Nelson jumped over the snow, and threatened Nick to shoot him in the cockpit if he don't surrender, and the Bandit was forced to give up. Nelson take Nick's BattleMaster as his new 'Mech.[5]

Clan InvasionEdit

During the Clan Invasion, Nelson fought the Clan Jade Falcon forces on the planet Wotan, where he lost two fingers, but managed to escape with his 'Mech.[6] After that, he returned to Kooken's pleasure Pitt, becoming Kommandant of the planetary militia.[7]

Red Corsair affairEdit

In the year 3054, a Pirate force of regimental size, lead by a woman calling herself the Red Corsair attacked Kooken, causing heavy damage to the battalion of Robinson Rangers and the Grave Walkers defending the planet. This resulted in the mobilization of the Kooken's Reserve Militia. Nelson led the Militia against the pirates, in an attempt to buy time for the Rangers and Walkers to reach the battle, but it was a fruitless effort; the invaders were equipped with Clan technology, and the Militia never stood a chance.[8] Nelson approached the Red Corsair's BattleMaster, fighting a duel against her, but like his men, he was easily defeated. He considered ejecting from his downed Mech, in a suicidal attempt to damage the Red Corsair's 'Mech, but in the end, simply surrendered.[9] Nelson, and an unspecified number of his fellow militiamen, were captured by the Bandits, and used as forced labor. As his injuries prevented him from assisting, and had the respect of his men, the bandits nominated him overseer of the his people.[10] Nelson began to uncover more data about the Bandits, like the fact they don't behave as real pirates. When he saw the Corsair in flesh and bone, feel immediately attracted by her, and the feeling appears to be mutual. When she show him his room, Nelson was surprised seeing it was like a holovid pirate leader room, suspecting than the Bandits ignore everything about the real pirates, and have inspired in the holovid series to pose as pirates. She said him he knew too much to leave him free, but not enough to kill him. In May, during the bandit's attack on planet Zhongshan, Nelson used his relative authority to send food captured by the pirates to a orphanage. The Corsair was furious after hearing it, and attacked Nelson, informing he had ordered his people to destroy the orphan house as punishment. Nelson managed to knock out her unconscious, left her in the infirmary, to be healed by a accidental blood poisoning, and ordered the Bandits to don't attack the orphan house, and informed ComStar about the possible attack, telling them to evacuate the orphans. When Victor Steiner-Davion hear about it, was unable to believe Nelson had joined the pirates, but ordered an investigation. Meanwhile, Nelson was punished by the Corsair. After she had been healed, put Nelson inside a virtual world, forcing him to take care of children. Nelson accepted his prison, exploring the city and familiarizing with the star constellations... but when attempted to enter a underground room, his helmet punished him with a strong electric shock. Not too later, nelson and the corsair became passionate lovers. [11] In June, The Corsair took Nelson as her copilot in the assault of planet Deia, against the defenders, the mercenaries Zimmer's Zouaves. Forcing Nelson to fight, threatening to kill his comrades militiamen, he downed two enemy 'Mechs, gaining the freedom of two of his friends. In the next battle, this time against the 31st Wolf Solahma Cluster, downed easily two Wolf 'Mechs.[12] During the space battle of the pirates against the Kell Hounds in the system Zanderij, he saw his opportunity to escape, killing a pirate before launching himself in a scape pod before the pirate DropShip Lioness was destroyed. The Hounds fighters rescued him. Once in Arc-Royal, Nelson received a mixed reception: Conal Ward, leader of the 31st Wolf Solahma, accused him to be a mole and agent of the Corsair. Christian Kell offered him a place in the Hounds, but the Wolf Khan, Phelan Kell simply doesn't trust him. Nelson offered himself to help the Hounds and Wolves to predict the next target of the pirated, but Phelan said him it wasn't necessary: they had made a trap for her in Arc-Royal itself.[13] While the trap was finished, Nelson, who had been implanted with a localization chip, and was watched all the time by Bob Bates, a security officer, locked himself in an library, looking star maps. The attack of the Corsair triggered the Wolf and Hound ambush. His group was decimated, but all the pirated died fighting or committed suicide before being captured. Only the corsair and some of his 'Mechs and fighters managed to escape. Only then, Nelson left his study and visited Phelan, offering him a deal: he know the secret base of the Corsair's location, and offered him in exchange to Phelan's permission to go with the strike force. Reluctantly, Phelan agreed. Then, Nelson informed him that the virtual word's constellations were those of the planet Elissa, in the Clan Wolf Occupation zone.[14] During the trip, Nelson was shocked when hear than Bates has coming, and will be watching him. Phelan denied him also the chance to fight. Despite his deception, Nelson insisted and participate, expecting to rescue his last men prisoners. During the trip, along with Bates, helped Christian with his BattleMech reparations, and spend all his free time in the combat simulators. He resigned of Kooken's militia and enlisted in the Hounds, with the rank of Major.[15]


Nelson was one of the last fatal casualties of the battle of Elissia, in the 25 of October of 3055. He assisted the battle from afar, with Bates watching him. However, looking at the Red Corsair's 'Mech, he recognized the movements of an inexperienced MechWarrior... so it could not be the Red Corsair.[16] Nelson attacked Bates, leaving him unconscious, stole his hovercar and drove it into the city, avoiding the battle. Thanks to his knowledge of the virtual word located the "secret room" of the Corsair, every step was difficult, but when he arrived to open the door... he found his nemesis inside. The Red Corsair had just finished arming a nuclear mine: one that can destroy all the valley and the people fighting on it. She revealed to Geist that she was pregnant and that she loved him. Obviously, that surprised Nelson, but when the Corsair took a hidden weapon, he shot her anyway. His bullets killed her instantly, but not before she managed to fatally wound him. Nelson could not search for help, so he stayed in the room. His last act was to take the Corsair's communicator, defiantly insulting the person who ordered the Red Corsair to activate the mine (almost certainly, Conal Ward) before he died of his wounds.[2]


Nelson's sacrifice managed to abort the Jade Falcon-Wolf clan plot to make erupt the Clan Invasion, the Kell Hounds's destruction, and maybe even a Trial of Annihilation of the other Clans against the Wolves, as Conal Ward expected. His body was send to Arc-Royal, where had to be buried with the other Hounds fallen, and Christian Kell itself go to Nelson's home, convincing Dorete to accept his offer to take them, to she and her sons, to Arc-Royal, his new home, where the Hounds can take care of them.[17]


Nelson had a son named Jon Geist, who served as a MechWarrior in the Tenth Lyran Guards under Victor Steiner-Davion. Jon was killed in action on Teniente, and was survived by his wife Dorete Geist and two twin children, Jacob Geist and Joachim Geist.


Nelson appears to have been very near to his son, and to his grandchildren too, as they are almost identical to him. His relationship with his son's widow, Dorete, was cold at best, as she hated him, and all MechWarriors, blaming him for her husband's death.[18] The relationship of Nelson with the Red Corsair was a strange one, of hate and love, and she appears to feel the same. It remains unknown if she was really pregnant with his child, as she stated in her last words.[19]


As a cadet, Nelson piloted briefly a borrowed Phoenix Hawk, in his first battle against Anti-Nick, where he captured him and affirmed his intention to claim his BattleMaster for him.[20] After that, Nelson only piloted a BattleMaster, first against the Jade Falcons, and later, against the Red corsair group. As a copilot of the Red Corsair, even piloted briefly her own BattleMaster against the Wolves solahma.


The BattleMech Nelson piloted almost all his career was the same he captured from Nick, a BattleMaster BLR-3S.[21]. In Deia also piloted the Red Corsair's BattleMaster, by the force, but with much success, downing two mercenary 'Mechs,[22] and later two Solahma 'Mechs of Clan Wolf on Cue Ball.[23] His presence on Wotan in June 3050 may implicate than he served in the remains of the First Regiment of the Twelfth Star Guard or the Second Regiment of the Twelfth Star Guard.[24]


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