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Newtown Square

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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Newtown Square
Newtown Square nearby systems (3151)
Newtown Square nearby systems (3151)
(Map Legend)
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -228.268 : 393.123[e]

Political AffiliationEdit

Planetary HistoryEdit

Reunification WarEdit

By the end of the Age of War Newtown Square was a world within the Apollo Province of the Rim Worlds Republic.[2]

Civil war erupted in the Rim Worlds Republic in 2575, with the factions polarized around those loyal to First Consul Gregory Amaris and those loyal to the Rift Republican Army and the Rim Provisional Government.[40] The Star League eventually decided to intervene in the civil war in support of Gregory Amaris, and in 2579 assembled Task Force MAILED FIST to help secure Amaris' control over the Rim Worlds Republic. A multinational force headed by the Star League Defense Force, Task Force MAILED FIST was responsible for executing Operation MAILED FIST, the name given to the military intervention. the first wave of attacks focused on securing significant worlds near Apollo,[41] until a destructive raid on Alarion by forces from the Fourth Amaris Fusiliers in retaliation prompted the SLDF to alter its initial strategy for the campaign, the focus shifted to reducing Rim Worlds Army concentrations throughout the Republic and the capture of key worlds.[42]

In late 2584 the SLDF changed tactics again; a number of major RWA units had been destroyed or captured, and the focus for the campaign shifted to capturing worlds of strategic importance, but the campaign was slowed by the greatly increased resistance offered by the RWA and local civilian populations, prompted by atrocities performed by the Draconis Auxiliary Corps when they captured Nightwish in mid-2584.[43]

The Commanding Officer of Battle Group APOLLO, General Nathan Isaacson, assigned the conquest of Newtown Square to the Sixteenth Mechanized Infantry Division in January 2588. No major Rim Worlds Army units were known to be in place on Newtown Square, which meant that the planetary conquest was anticipated to involve only subjugating the local militias. The battle for Newtown Square actually became the most costly campaign of any of the "undefended" Rim Worlds Republic worlds targeted to date by Task Force APOLLO, and for reasons the SLDF hadn't anticipated.[44]

The Sixteenth arrived in the Newtown Square system without anticipating any major surprises or setbacks, and within two weeks of making planetfall the Sixteenth was well on its way to neutering the local militias. As was standard operating doctrine for SLDF invasion forces during the campaign the Sixteenth had been escorted to Newtown Square by a WarShip contingent, in this case the cruiser-class SLS Rapacious and the frigate-class SLS Alacrity. While this doctrine was a security measure intended to protect the vulnerable transport ships from attacks by enemy naval forces, the RWA black water navy of the time consisted of just two destroyer-class and seven corvette-class WarShips, only one of which - a corvette crippled and boarded during the invasion of Finmark in 2586 - had been seen, and as a result the Republic navy had been largely dismissed as a threat. The primary roadblock to the successful conquest of Newtown Square was discovered to be a complex of reinforced bunkers within the Ard Ri Mountains, a complex which was well protected by anti-air defenses and which was proving very difficult to attack by ground. With a determined defense in place proving difficult for the forces from the Sixteenth on the ground to defeat, the decision was made to have the Alacrity and the Rapacious subject the bunker complex to orbital bombardment, with the two WarShips promptly leaving the transport fleet behind and assuming an assault orbit to be able to conduct their bombardment.[44]

What the SLDF hadn't realized was that the Admiral in charge of the Republic's black water navy, Admiral Hakim Wbika, knew full well that his small naval fleet would be easy prey for the SLDF WarShip fleet active within the Republic and had deliberately gathered the bulk of his ships together and kept them operating in secret, waiting for an opportunity to strike back against Task Force MAILED FIST. When Wbika was made aware of the situation on Newtown Square by agents on the planet, he decided that Newtown Square represented that opportunity he'd been looking for; mustering the Republic fleet in secret, Wbika used the redeployment of the Alacrity and the Rapacious to launch a devastating attack on the SLDF transport JumpShips and DropShips gathered at the system's zenith jump point. The resulting battle lasted sixty minutes and saw nineteen JumpShips and twenty-two DropShips destroyed, along with two complete regiments of infantry from the Sixteenth who had been embarked on various DropShips. None of the Republican WarShips were destroyed, and Wbika broke off the engagement to give his ships a chance to recharge their jump engines and try and escape the system.[44]

Alerted to what had happened, the Alacrity and the Rapacious conducted their orbital bombardment as quickly as possible and made for the zenith jump point as fast as they could, keeping up punishing levels of acceleration in a determined effort to exact vengeance on the Republican fleet. It soon became obvious that the heavier SLDF WarShips would catch up with the lighter RWA fleet before the Republican ships would've been able to jump, leading Wbika to take his ships into the Newtown Shoals, a cometary debris field located in the outer reaches of the Newtown Square system. Wbika couldn't plan for the greater skill of the SLDF WarShips or the determination of their crews to destroy the Republican ships, and as a result the majority of the Republican fleet was caught and engaged within the debris field; one corvette managed to escape, and two more corvettes were disabled and captured. The remaining two destroyers and three corvettes were destroyed in battle, with one of the survivors being Wbika himself. When Wbika was recovered in an escape pod by the Rapacious he only narrowly escaped being lynched by the vengeful crew, and elements within the SLDF subsequently petitioned for Wbika to be put on trial for war crimes; fortunately for Wbika, General Isaacson knew that to charge Wbika with war crimes would expose others within Task Force MAILED FIST to similar charges due to their actions on various Republic worlds.[44]

Star League EraEdit

Newtown Square was conquered by the Lyran Commonwealth during the 2773-2775 Republic-Commonwealth war.[12]

The Dark AgeEdit

In the early years after the Jihad the Lyran Alliance invaded both Newtown Square and the nearby world of Kikuyu, provoking an aggressive response from Clan Jade Falcon and the counter-invasion of Mogyorod, Clermont and Machida by the Jade Falcon Epsilon Galaxy[45] in 3080.[46]

Military DeploymentEdit

Planetary GeographyEdit

Newtown Square is a temperate planet with long growing seasons. The primary continent is dominated by the Plains of Culd which extent to cover over some two-thirds of its area. The plains are mostly savanna with a pale sword grass and good soil with minimal low brush or hills.

Planetary LocationsEdit

  • Market - Planetary Capital of Newtown Square.
  • Plains of Culd - Battle site during the FedCom Civil War.

Nearby SystemsEdit

Closest 28 systems (25 within 60 light-years)
Distance in light years, closest systems first:
Mogyorod 21.5 Kolovraty 24.6 Montsegur 26.8 Vulture's Nest 27.3
Barcelona 29.8 Ambrose 34.5 Pangkalan 35.1 Kikuyu 36.2
Annunziata 36.4 Biegga 40.0 Awyron 41.3 Clermont 44.5
Melissia 46.5 Hood 47.3 Black Earth 47.9 Herbania 48.1
Roadside 49.6 Illium 50.6 Chapultepec 51.1 Renren 52.8
Bone-Norman 53.4 Machida 56.2 Ylemelke 58.9 Kola 59.5
Jesenice 59.8 Chahar 60.3 Blue Hole 60.9 Hot Springs 63.0


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