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Nicholas Kerensky (Individual Texas-class WarShip)

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This article is about the Texas-class WarShip. For the ilKhan, see Nicholas Kerensky.
Nicholas Kerensky
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Texas


As at 3059 the Texas-class Battleship Nicholas Kerensky was serving as the CWS Nicholas Kerensky within the Clan Wolf touman and was acting either as an escort vessel between the worlds of the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone and the Clan Homeworlds or as a patrol vessel within the Homeworlds.[1] The Nicholas Kerensky remained an active part of the Wolf touman for the next decade[2] and into the chaos of the Jihad.

The Nicholas Kerensky was subsequently lost in battle against the Word of Blake during the Jihad.[3]


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