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Night Stalkers

Insignia of the Nightstalkers
Night Stalkers
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
Nickname unknown
Parent Formation DCMS
Formed 3020


Early HistoryEdit

The Night Stalkers were formed in 3020 by Tai-sa Lloyd McGavin after he was forced to retire from the Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery. He went to private concerns and raised money to form two regiments, McGavin's Regiment and Johiro's Regiment. He filled the units with retired MechWarriors like himself and failed MechWarrior graduates. They are considered Free-Floating Regiments.

The unit became known for its raiding tactics, utilizing Light BattleMechs and specialized in raids against enemy-held worlds, with most of their success at the expense of the Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces. Their defensive capabilities had also been praised, especially after the regiments played a vital part defending Yori 'Mech Works at Al Na'ir.[1]

However, due to the colonel's affection for his men, he would not use risky tactics which he believed couldn't work. This upset a number of officers and the Coordinator, who split the brigade's two regiments from each other. Also, the Coordinator made sure only limited supplies would be sent to the two units as part of their punishment for disobeying orders.[2]

Clan Invasion, Jihad, and AnnihilationEdit

Unlike his father, Theodore Kurita respected the Night Stalkers' philosophy of refusing to sacrifice itself blindly or stupidly and when confronted by the desperate need to rebuild the DCMS from the losses suffered during the initial Clan Invasion, Theodore authorized the creation of the new Third Night Stalkers.[3]

The Word of Blake Jihad would prove to be the final deathknell of the Night Stalkers, with the Second and Third both shattered after taking heavy losses against the Blakists. While the Third's survivors would receive the honor of postings to the Otomo after spending years in Blakist re-education camps, the Second's survivors chose to join the Kokuryu-kai and were subsequently destroyed by the Ryuken-roku.[4]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Night Stalkers


Different per Unit.

Night Stalkers DetailsEdit

The Night Stalkers favor dark colors. The symbol of McGavin's Regiment is a large black cat against a big white moon, and the insignia for Johiro's Regiment is a skeleton wearing a black cloak.[1]

Units of the Night StalkersEdit


  • The 1st Stalkers was destroyed in the Fourth Succession War.
  • The 2nd Night Stalkers was destroyed in the Jihad.
  • The 3rd Night Stalkers was destroyed in the Jihad.

Color Schemes and InsigniaEdit


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