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Nirasaki Computers Collective

Nirasaki Computers Collective was a Star League-era computer manufacturing corporation. Headquartered on Nirasaki, the company was started by three graduate students in 2599. Unlike most corporations, Nirasaki employed a "communal ownership" model where the employees controlled the organization.[1] The increased confusion was seen as a worthwhile tradeoff for the increased creativity of the employees. This "controlled chaos" method of organization must have been successful, as NCC was instrumental in creating some of the most advanced computer systems for the Star League. The control system for the Kanga jump tank was one success, but Nirasaki's crowning achievement was probably the sophisticated control system used by the SLDF's Space Defense System to link its drone warships, ground bases and supply centers.[2]

Nirasaki Computers Collective
Company Logo

Company Logo
Company Information
Founding Year 2599
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Nirasaki
Primary Products Electronics


It was likewise also responsible for the success in defeating the Space Defense Systems when the worlds of the Terran Hegemony, along with their SDS, were seized in the Amaris Civil War by the Rim Worlds Republic. When SLDF forces captured Nirasaki during the Hegemony Campaign, they discovered the NCC research facility abandoned, with all electronic files and hard copies destroyed. However, a small portable computer belonging to one of the researchers, Professor Catherine Glimp, was discovered hidden in a closet. Professor Glimp, knowing she had to find some way to help the SLDF overcome their own defense system, had stored a treasure trove of data on the SDS' control system into the computer and hid it, hoping it might be found eventually. The information Professor Glimp and her colleges left behind allowed the SLDF to create an electronic counter-measure system which would jam the SDS' communication channels and disrupt targeting systems. The system worked perfectly in its first test during the invasion of New Home, and would go on to provide the SLDF a much easier time liberating other Hegemony worlds .[2]

Nirasaki Computers Collective didn't survive the Civil War. In the first year, the scientists and engineers of the Collective were rounded up by Amaris' forces and taken to Terra. The Collective's buildings and offices were destroyed by the Rim Worlds troops.[2]


Nirasaki Computers Collective had manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Nirasaki:
Component Type
Targeting-Tracking System
Nirasaki VersaTrack-F [citation needed]
Nirasaki VersaTrack-L [citation needed]
Nirasaki VersaTrack-R [citation needed]
Artemis IV FCS
Nirasaki Vector-A4 [citation needed]
Flight Control Computer
AL2200 Track-Nav AI computer Kanga[citation needed]


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