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Note: X and Y are coordinates (light years on XY plane) relative to Terra at (0, 0)

Novara neighbouring systems
Novara neighbouring systems
System Information
X:Y Coordinates -366.33 : 115.646[e]

Political AffiliationEdit

Planetary HistoryEdit

Star LeagueEdit

During the final years of the Star League, Novara was the host to a Star League Defense Force garrison.[31]

The JihadEdit

On 29 of December 3070 TK Industries was involved in an huge scandal related to fraud in Arms Sale when Alastair McGinley from Democracy Now! was arrested with a huge cache of the company's weapons on his home in Novara. TK's representative on Novara was also taken into custody for questioning, although no formal charges had been brought at that time. The rifles found at McGinley's home were still in their original shipping crates with manifests attached. Far from being stolen, the weapons had been purchased on the open market by a representative of McGinley's who'd purported himself as a representative of the Novaran Militia. As McGinley didn't sit on the subcommittees that control the militia's budget, it seemed very unlikely that this is the truth.

There had been no statement issued by the TK Corporation about the possible illegal arms sale, but if they follow past practices, the Novaran TK factor will most likely be held responsible and further charged with defrauding his employer.[32]

On the 31st of January 3071, the Democracy Now seperatist movement within the Lyran Alliance moved to try and establish the Alarion Province as a democratic stronghold. The Democracy Now movement on Novara was led by Kalvin Strauss, and intended for Novara to be the center of their proposed new state.[33] On the 21st of December 3071 Kelvin Strauss was assassinated during a campaign rally on Novara. The other leader of Democracy Now, Lindon Ashley, narrowly survived an assassination attempt on Calafell on the same day.[34][35]

Having survived the assassination attempt on Calafell, Ashley resurfaced on Novara on the 15 of March 3072 and took up leadership of the Democracy Now movement.[36][35] At the end of June 3072 Democracy Now unveiled its own Democratic People's Army - consisting largely of the mercenary unit Eriksson's Einherjar.[37][38] This was followed a few weeks later with an assault on Novara by the Kaumberg Planetary Guard, who managed to shatter the Democratic People's Army on the 15th of August 3072, but were unable to capture Ashley.[39][38]

Military DeploymentEdit

Industrial CentersEdit

Nearby PlanetsEdit


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