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Odessan Raxx

The Odessan Raxx[1] is a reptilian pack animal the evolved on the planet Odessa.

Odessan Raxx.jpg
Odessan Raxx
Creature information
Type Reptile
Homeworld Odessa
Environment  ???
Average mass  ???
Average length  ???
Average height  ???
Creature stats
System  ???


The Odessan Raxx is a massive, six-legged reptile nearly the size of a Terran elephant. Despite their size, they are docile and highly intelligent. These qualities plus their unmatched durability (they can survive without food or water for two weeks) and adaptability have made them the ideal mount and pack animal. In time they were introduced to countless worlds across the Inner Sphere.

Despite their gentle nature, the animals are fiercely protective of their young and will defend their nesting grounds to the death.


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