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Production information
Manufacturer Unspecified
Use Small Battle Armor Carrier
Assault Ship
Boarding Vessel
Screening Vessel
Type (Shape) Military Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost Unknown
Introduced 3117
Technical specifications
Mass 170 Tons
Structural Integrity 9
Length 24 meters
Engine (Type) Fusion Engine
Safe Thrust 6
Maximum Thrust 9
Fuel 10 tons
Burn Rate Unspecified
Armament Main Weapons
Armor Ferro-Aluminum
Heat Sinks 8 Double Heat Sinks
Crew Listings
  • 1 Officer
  • 2 Enlisted/No-Rates
  • 1 Gunner
Passengers None
BV (1.0) None
BV (2.0) 1,750 [1][2][3]


Built like a brick, the Oo-Suzumebachi is a small craft designed to be used for assault missions for the Draconis Combine. First taking flight in 3117, the Oo-Suzumebachi (nicknamed the Ooze), was designed as a small battle armor transport. The craft can handle atmospheric as well as space flight, and is armed with sufficient defenses and firepower to get to its destination.[4]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

Designed to handle hot landing zones, the sturdy and well-armed craft can transport troops well because of several defensive measures it employs. The Ooze is duly noted for its thick 19.5 tons worth of Ferro-Aluminum armor, of which a healthy portion is focused on its nose and sides sections.

Its defensive weaponry is focused on six anti-missile systems in its side wing sections, with three of the AMSs assigned to each. The Ooze's main offensive firepower comes from its big 40-tubed Medium-Missile Launcher which is guided by an advanced Apollo Fire Control System which corrects medium missiles' usual inaccuracy. The craft's aft section is protected by a pair of Extended-Range Medium Lasers. The Ooze's launcher and its anti-missile guns are allotted two tons and four tons of ammunition respectively.[5]



  • The craft is fitted with Steerage-Class sleeping quarters for its crew. The craft's name is Japanese and translates to "giant hornet".[6]
  • As of this revision, there is no assigned manufacturer listed for the Oo-Suzumebachi.

Design QuirksEdit


The Oo-Suzumebachi's Technology level was originally rated as a Inner Sphere Advanced when it was originally published in TRO: 3145 Draconis Combine, however errata posted on Catalyst Game Lab's official errata board made correction due to the components used to build the ship were not Advanced in the era/time it was in general use in 3145.[7]


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