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Operation VIJAY

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Operation Vijay
Part of The Jihad
Start Date From June 28th through to August 2nd, 3073
Location Gibson BattleMech Federation complex
Planet Gibson
Result Principality of Regulus completely defeat
Principality of Regulus Word of Blake
Commanders and leaders
General Tomaso Kinchuhara
Precentor Apollyon
Forces involved
Principality of Regulus:
Fourth Regulan Hussars
Mercenary Forces:
Wild Geese Mercenary Regiment
Thirteenth Stalking Horse Mercenary Regiment
Small mercenary commands
52nd Shadow Division
49th Shadow Division
Battle Armor defense force on Gibson BattleMech Federation complex

Operation Vijay was a military operation conducted from June 28th through to August 2nd, 3073.[1] It was executed solely by the Principality of Regulus against the Word of Blake held world of Gibson. The campaign ended in failure as Regulan forces were unprepared for the firepower of the Blakists.

Operation BriefEdit

The operation was conceived by Regulan Prince Kirc Cameron-Jones, after his betrayal by his mistress Sonja Amora, who turned out to be a Blakist Manei Domini spy named Naamah.[2] Wanting to take revenge for the destruction for his capital city and fueled by his growing paranoia of everyone, he turned to his estranged son. Kirc had his son, Titus Cameron-Jones plan and organize a military task force to strike at Gibson and destroy its BattleMech manufacturing facilities, the Gibson Federated BattleMechs.

Forces involved in Task ForcesEdit

The original draft for Vijay was planned to involve the Fourth Regulan Hussars regiment as leading element for the invasion of the planet. Titus Cameron-Jones enhanced plan by recruiting two elite anti-Blakist mercenary regiments available. However, the Prince Kirc insisted having additional forces absolutely needed. Titus was able recruit several lesser known mercenary companies which would accompany the Task Force as support elements.

Principality of RegulusEdit

Mercenary ForcesEdit

Operation HistoryEdit

After being appointed by his father, Titus Cameron-Jones organized and negotiated principally two elite anti-Blakist regiments whom both belong to the Allied Mercenary Command. However, in April after bringing in several lesser mercenary commands to augment the Task Force, Titus was put under house arrest by his paranoid father due to Titus's rise in popularity. Prince Kirc appointed retired General Tomaso Kinchuhara to command the task force in place of Titus. In haste, Prince Kirc ordered the Task Force to deploy to Gibson immediately.

On June 28th, 3073 the Regulan Task Force began the assault on Gibson. Against strong objections from the commander of the Wild Geese, General Kinchuhara ordered a massive combat drop on the Gibson BattleMech Federation complex.

After the landing, General Kinchuhara led the Fourth Regulans into the manufacturing complex. However, they were ambushed by Battle Armor hidden within the facility. The Wild Geese and Thirteenth Stalking Horse moved in to support the Regulans, but they themselves were flanked by the 52nd Shadow Division, who were thought to be off world. The Task Force's smaller mercenary commands came under attack by the 49th Shadow Division who had conducted its own combat drop directly onto their positions.

Precentor Apollyon, the commander of all the Manei Domini forces, ordered all attacking units to surrender. The demoralized smaller mercenary commands powered down their 'Mechs. This left the Regulans alone and isolated. The battle then turned for the worse, when Blakist Battle Armor tossed the body of General Kinchuhara from the cockpit of his 'Mech.

Demoralized with the loss of their supreme commander, the executive officer of the Task Force called for a general retreat. The command net of the task force became a three-way shouting match between the temporary commanding officer of the Regulans, the Wild Geese commander, and some of the surviving small mercenary companies.

The task force boosted to their waiting JumpShip fleet, to find it was under attack by Blakist WarShips. The Blakists captured some of the ships, while destroying the majority of the task force's aerospace assets. Only a regiment's worth of the combined task force's troops managed to escape from Gibson.


  1. The campaign started on the 28th of June and lasted for five weeks; hence, 02 August.
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