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O-66 HMRV "Oppie" Recovery Vehicle[1] and Salvage Bed
Production information
Manufacturer Brown-Corning, Limited[1]
Production Year
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Mission Hazardous Cleanup/Salvage[1]
Type Tracked[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 150 tons[1]
Armor BAR 8
Speed 32.4 km/h
Crew 4[1]


BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 903[3]


The Oppenheimer Hazardous Material Recovery Vehicle (HMRV) saw extensive use during the First Succession War cleaning up the fallout from thermonuclear, chemical, and biological (NBC) weapons. With the resurgence of these attacks during the Word of Blake Jihad it isn't surprising to see the Oppenheimer Hazardous Material Recovery Vehicle(HMRV) back in the field. The original Oppenheimer designation was later shortened to "Oppie".[3][1]

They are large, expensive, environmentally sealed support vehicles for supporting similarly environmentally suited salvage and recovery teams in NBC environments. Considering they are designed for cleanup in those kinds of environments it is rare to see an Oppie on the battlefield. There have been reports of Oppies escaping a firefight between Dragoon rebels and Widowmaker mercenary forces on Outreach in 3070.[3]

The Brown-Corning, Limited company produced the Oppie on Caph until it was destroyed in the First Succession War. Draconis Combine raiders mistook the Oppie assembly complex as a BattleMech manufacturing facility. Browning-Corning reopened the assembly plant on Caph shortly after the Blakists arrived in the mid 3060s with advanced equipment and began cleanup operations in various hotzones on the planet; it took the Word of Blake two years to restore the Browning-Corning assembly lines, and when the lines were open again the Blakists presented the direct descendent of the last Browning-Corning CEO with the complete blueprints for the Oppie. After some upgrades and the inclusion of an environmentally sealed Infantry Compartment the first Oppie in centuries rolled off the rebuilt assembly lines in 3068.[3][1]


The Oppie consist of two parts. The O-66 HMRV "Oppie" tractor unit and the HMRV Salvage Bed. It is a massive vehicle with each unit weighing in at 150 tons.[3]

The O-66 HRMV "Oppie" is an environmentally sealed tractor complete with minesweeper, bulldozer and backhoe and 20 tons for Liquid Storage . It has 4 manipulator arms, 2 Sprayers and 4 searchlights along the sides and rear of the vehicle to assist in salvage operations. It also has 250kg of Paramedic Equipment which is a welcome sight for salvage crews working in those conditions. The most surprising modification is the fully sealed five-ton Infantry Bay which was not featured in the original design.[3]

The HRMV Salvage Bed features a universal trailer hookup. It also has 2 Lift hoist, 5 searchlights and a backhoe for assisting in salvage operations.[3] BV (2.0) = 606[5]


Although not technically a variant DeConAid trailers have also become a common sight on Protectorate worlds with the Oppie. They are environmentally sealed MASH units with 11 Theaters. They also have 6 mounted searchlights, 2 sprayers and 20 tons allocated for liquid storage. Like the Oppie tractor unit the DeConAid trailer also has a fully sealed Infantry Bay.[3] BV (2.0) = 296[6]

The only known variant would be the O-66 that originally rolled off B-C's assembly line during the First Succession War (identified as the O-65). This variant did not have the fully sealed infantry bay, and was equipped with 18 tons of Liquid Storage. None of these are known to exist.[3] BV (2.0) = 924[7]

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