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Pandora's Box

Pandora's Box was a mercenary unit formed on Gan Singh in the Chaos March from several orphaned military and mercenary commands that had nowhere to go in the wake of Operation Guerrero.[1]

Pandoras Box logo MSU.jpg
Pandora's Box
Unit Profile (as of 3071)
CO Pandora Black
Formed 3057
Armor Yes[1]
Infantry Yes[1]


Hoping to escape Gan Singh as it devolved into chaos, enigmatic mercenary commander Pandora Black formed an ad-hoc command on Gan Singh from remnants of the 3rd Donegal Guards, the 1st FedCom RCT, a small irregular Capellan Confederation unit called TaoTao KowGun Laufu and the Dark Night, a mercenary unit that had not even lasted long enough to properly register with the MRBC.[1]

Black managed to broker a deal with the forming Styk Commonality in 3058 for their first contract, a lucrative garrison contract that extended into 3061. Pandora's Box was not yet properly registered as a mercenary unit with the MRBC at the time, which technically marked them an irregular unit and later dragged their Dragoon Rating down somewhat.[1]

During the FedCom Civil War Pandora's Box hired out primarily as a troubleshooter or short-term high-risk garrison force, mostly for nobles or large corporations. Their subsequent contracts during the Jihad were so low-profile that the MRBC figured they might simply be hiding from potential Word of Blake reprisals; however, the unit was also known for taking off-the-books jobs (another factor dragging their Dragoon Rating down).[1]

In 3136 was searching for a new contract, asking possible employers to contact them on the mercenary center on Irian.[2]

In 3140 Pandora's Box was garrisoning Wisconsin when the Hateful Survivors pirate band raided the planet. The raid was repelled, but Lieutenant Sarafina Black was killed in the action.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Pandora's Box
Pandora Black 3057
Colonel Wilhelmina Sturgeon 3145[4]


Parts from Tao MechWorks on Styk helped grow the unit to company size during their first contract, and on the Mercenary's Star of Outreach they later expanded to two companies and, by 3071, a battalion consisting of three strengthened companies, two composed of 'Mechs and one of mixed vehicles and infantry.[1]

In the battle on Wisconsin in 3140, Pandora's Box deployed three lances of Koshis.[3]

As of 3145, Pandora's Box was two battalions strong, and led by Colonel Wilhelmina Sturgeon. They were employed by the Free Worlds League and deployed on Asuncion. The command was a Regular/Reliable unit rated at a "D"-rating and operating at eighty percent of nominal full strength.[4] They counted former Solaris Games contender Captain Margeaux Le Maire, a once-famous Carronade pilot, among their roster.[5]



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