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Patrick Chan

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Patrick Chan
Died 3054[1]
Affiliation Wolf's Dragoons

Patrick Chan (died 3054) was an officer in the Wolf's Dragoons mercenary command, most-known for his time as a battalion commander in Alpha Regiment during the Marik Civil War and through the Fourth Succession War.

Personal HistoryEdit

Emblem of Wolf's Dragoons

Early Life and CareerEdit

Like most early members of Wolf's Dragoons, little is known of Patrick Chan's early life. It may be assumed that he was born in the Clan Homeworlds and was almost certainly a Freebirth. He may have served in Delta Regiment at the beginning of his career with the Dragoons, as he was reportedly mentored by Colonel Sarah Weisz, as well as the Dragoons' overall commander, Colonel Jaime Wolf.[2]

Marik Civil WarEdit

By 3014, Chan had reached the rank of Major in Alpha Regiment, commanding Baker Battalion, known as the "Red Devils",[3] a unit specializing in disciplined, coordinated assaults, a role they were well-suited to under Chan's leadership.[4]

During the campaign on Emris IV, Alpha Regiment was joined by accompanied by Beta Regiment, Gamma Regiment, Zeta Battalion and the Fire Support Group, as well as heavy rebel Aerospace support from a Vengeance-class DropShip in an assault on crack loyalist units in the 6th and 9th Marik Militias. Led by Colonel Wolf, Alpha and Gamma moved on the StarCorps Industries factory in Ivanograd, finding it defended by the Sixth Militia. Chan and Baker Battalion were stalled by a company engaging in reckless Death from Above attacks, and were thrown into confusion. The loyalist lines were eventually broken when Natasha Kerensky's company infiltrated behind enemy lines, throwing the Militia into chaos and allowing Alpha Regiment to destroy one battalion and forcing them to retreat. Emris IV soon fell to the Rebels, adding another victory to the Dragoon legend.[5][6]

In Service to KuritaEdit


In June 3023, Alpha Regiment led the Dragoons' heavy raid on the Federated Suns industrial world of Quentin IV in one of their first actions in service to House Kurita, their new employer.[7] When it was believed that the reserve Gamma Regiment would have to be called in to ensure the operation's success, Chan vehemetly protested as it would cost Alpha their combat bonuses.[8] In the end, however, the entire operation was considered an impressive success.

Barlow's EndEdit

In September 3026, Chan and Alpha Regiment participated in a heavy raid on Barlow's End, fighting alongside Minobu Tetsuhara's Ryuken training regiment. The operation's objective was an experimental prototype weapon being developed at the Achernar Proving Grounds.[9] Chan, whose Baker Battalion would be engaged in the thick of the fighting, made several objections to the plan to take the convoy before he was finally satisfied.[10] An explosion in the Dragoon/Ryuken base camp resulted in the serious injuries to both Tetsuhara and Major Kelly Yukinov, who had been acting as commander of Alpha Regiment. (The explosion was actually the result of a bomb planted by Jerry Akuma.) This put Colonel J. Elliot Jamison in charge of both Alpha Regiment and his own Zeta Battalion.[9][11] When it was discovered that elements of the famed Eridani Light Horse were on-planet, the Dragoons, including Chan, attempted to adapt their plans for this new situation, only to be rebuffed by the incompetent Tai-sa Elijah Satoh, who had taken command of the Ryuken and insisted that the original plan be adhered to.[9][12] When the Horsemen threw the entire plan into disarray, Chan attempted to draw them off into the channels, allowing other elements of his battalion to reach the device. Due to the lack of cooperation from the Kuritan troops, this ploy proved to be only partially successful, as the Dragoons were unable to escape with the device, and were forced to destroy it.[13] Baker Battalion took heavy casaulties during the campaign, and at least one company commander, Captain Amy Laskowski, was captured. (Though she was later ransomed.)[14]

The Battle of MiseryEdit

The Dragoons' relationship with the Combine continued to deteriorate. In June 3027, Chan was one of several Dragoon officers to list their grievances against House Kurita to Colonel Wolf on An Ting. Chan suggested that the other Succession Lords would understand if the Dragoons broke contract with House Kurita, but Wolf calmly rebuffed that argument, pointing out that if the Dragoons betrayed Kurita, no one else would ever trust them.[15]

In January 3028, relations between the Combine and the Dragoons exploded on An Ting into open violence. In April 3028, Alpha Regiment joined the rest of the Dragoon units on Misery, challenging the forces of House Kurita to an honor duel. The Battle of Misery proved to be one of the largest, most bloody 'Mech battles in history, as all five Dragoon regiments, along with Zeta Battalion and the Black Widow Company, faced off against the Ryuken, now built up to four regiments, along with the 17th Galedon Regulars, the 21st Galedon Regulars, and the elite 8th Sword of Light. The Kuritan force would be led by newly-promoted Tai-sho Minobu Tetsuhara, acting under the orders of Warlord Grieg Samsonov.[16] The battle all but ended on May 20, when elements of Alpha Regiment, led by Captain Dechan Fraser, defeated and captured Tetsuhara in the Trolfjel Highlands not long after Colonel Wolf's command lance overran the Ryuken headquarters. Chan and most of the regiment were to the east of that position, keeping the main Ryuken lines distracted while Wolf and Fraser slipped in from behind.[17] Though the Dragoons would eventually prove triumphant, the cost in men and machines was astronomical. The Red Devils took particularly heavy casualties, with Chan representing the only survivor of his command lance. Chan's own 'Mech was destroyed, as the Major ejected just before it exploded.[18][19] Of the forty MechWarriors Baker Battalion went into battle with, 21 were killed and another 14 lost their 'Mechs. Two more would leave the Dragoons on a "special assignment".[20]

Fourth Succession WarEdit

When Alpha Regiment was reorganized after Misery, Chan was put in command of the Fifth Provisional Company.[18] Alpha was assigned to defend Glenmora when the Fourth Succession War broke out. In September 3028, Glenmora was attacked by the 5th Galedon Regulars. Early in the campaign, Major Kelly Yukinov, again filling in for Colonel Wolf as acting commander, was critically injured. Yukinov turned command over to Major Coshasa DuKirk, a newcomer to the Dragoons, despite the fact that Chan had seniority and was one of the "original" Dragoons besides. DuKirk quickly proved herself to the Dragoons, and the mercenaries waged an effective guerrilla campaign for several months before being forced to retreat.[21]

In September 3029, the surviving Dragoons made their last stand on Crossing, facing four-to-one odds. Again, Chan's 'Mech was destroyed, but the Dragoons barely survived thanks to the sudden return of Zeta Battalion.[18][22]

BattleMech Operations CommandEdit

Sometime after the Fourth Succession War, Chan stepped down from active field command while accepting a promotion to Lieutenant Colonel, taking over the Dragoons' BattleMech Operations Command on their new homeworld of Outreach. This also placed him as the second-in-command to Colonel Jason Carmody in Outreach Command, the secotion in charge of planetary defense, training and provisioning for the Dragoons.[23] In February 3053, Chan was among the senior officers who consulted with Colonel Wolf regarding the actions of Major Vic Kantov and his battalion in service to House Marik, which were under review by the Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission. Chan correctly recognized Kantov's guilt, and harshly rebuked newly-appointed communications officer Captain Brian Cameron when he expressed his disbelief.[24]

Dragoon Civil War and DeathEdit

Chan would attend the fateful meeting of the Dragoon's command council where Elson Novacat and Alpin Wolf successfully challenged Jaime Wolf for command of the Dragoons.[25] Late that night, an attempt was made on the senior Wolf's life which was foiled by his loyalists, including Colonel Carmody, who sacrificed himself to save Wolf. Chan, apparently siding with Jaime Wolf, brought his lance to the Dragoons' headquarters at Wolf Hall in Harlech City with an unknown objective.[26] In a panic, Alpin Wolf ordered Chan and his lance-mates executed by his security forces as soon as they dismounted from their 'Mechs, an incident much-regretted by Elson Novacat.[1]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Chan earned the nickname "Old Stone Face" while commanding Baker Battalion, and was highly respected if not liked by his officers and troops. He expressed his opinions vehemently in private staff meetings, however, and was particularly outspoken.[19] He was considered an excellent field commander with an expert grasp of tactics, timing and coordination,[27] and a master of the ambush.[28] Even years after leaving the active field, Chan's record remained legendary, outshining that of many active commanders with a similar length of service.[23] Even Elson Novacat regarded Chan as an officer who believed in the Honor Road, and hoped to turn him to his cause.[1] Like most Dragoon officers, Chan was rated as an Elite MechWarrior,[29] with an impressive number of kill markers.[19]


During his time with Alpha Regiment, Chan piloted a CRD-3L Crusader 'Mech. When his machine was destroyed on Misery, he switched to a much-lighter Valkyrie, which was eventually lost on Crossing.[30]


  • It was never made explicitly clear what Chan's objective was on the night he was killed, however it seems likely he may have confronted Alpin after the failed attack on the younger Wolf's grandfather.[1]


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