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Paul Masters

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Paul Masters.jpg
Paul Masters
Born 3012
Affiliation Free Worlds League
House Masters
Count of Gibson
Parents Jean Masters (mother)

Sir Paul Masters (b. 3012[1]- d. ????) - House Marik military commander, nobleman, and Knight of the Inner Sphere.

Character HistoryEdit

Early LifeEdit

Paul Masters was the son of Free Worlds League hero Jean Masters, who served as a Force Commander in the First Marik Militia prior to the Fourth Succession War. He grew up on tales of his mother's bravery and courage in the cockpit of a BattleMech, which led him to attend the Allison MechWarrior Institute, graduating with honors in 3030.

After graduating he received a posting with the First Marik Militia as a Lieutenant. During his time in the Militia, he was assigned as an aide to Captain-General Thomas Marik which resulted in Masters and Marik becoming life long friends.

Formation of the Knights of the Inner SphereEdit

In 3054 Masters was brought to Atreus by Thomas Marik, where he approached him in forming a new military unit based on ideals of Chivalry. To get more understanding of what Thomas wanted, he was asked to read the ancient novel, Le Morte d'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory. After reading the entire book in one sitting, he became enthusiastic on what Thomas was trying to do, and became one of its founding Knights.

He was among the hundred and fifty MechWarriors whom attended the ceremony of activation of Knights of the Inner Sphere on January 1st, 3055. After the ceremony, Thomas introduced Paul to Word of Blake Precentor William Blane, an old friend of the Captain-General during his ComStar days. Blane told Thomas and Masters during the meeting about trouble on Gibson, where his Word of Blake settlers were facing rebellion against them. Thomas decided to send Masters with Blane back to Gibson to investigate the situation.

On Gibson, Masters soon discovered a number of conspiracies between Principal of Principality of Gibson and Countess Dystar, locals and Word of Blake settlers. With each of the sides fighting among themselves and individuals attempting to take control for themselves, Masters became a fugitive on the planet. Blane was arrested by Assistant Precentor Starling, during this time as well. Masters with assistance of some locals, managed to have Duchess Dystar and her Principle, Hsien, war among themselves with their mercenaries. Masters and other locals rescued Blane from captivity.

By February, Thomas Marik and the entire Knights of the Inner Sphere regiment arrived on planet, try resolve the situation. During this time, Masters was given the lands and title as Count of Gibson. Citing Dystar poor actions that lead to the volatile situation on the planet. Colonel Nathen Roush of the Regulan Hussars, pledged his forces to support Dystar's attempt to regain her lands and joined Precentor Martial Trent Arian in their fight against Masters and the Knights.

When renegade Blakist forces and Knights faced off on the battlefield of one of the capital city, where members of the Gibson Freedom League whom were denied their assistance to help in the battle for their world. They fire off their two Regulan Davey Crockett nuclear weapons against Regulans/Blakist forces on the battlefield. Reeling from the damage inflicted on them, Arian surrendered to Marik rather than fighting in the city.[2]

Task Force SerpentEdit

In 3058 Inner Sphere factions came together to reform the Star League. Captain-General Thomas Marik agreed to submit troops as part of the two-pronged Trial of Annihilation against one of the Clans to end the Clan threat. Masters by then had become a Colonel and commanding officer of the 1st Knights of the Inner Sphere. His regiment was assigned as the FWLM contribution to Task Force Serpent, also selected by Thomas Marik to serve as the task force's conscience to keep them from becoming mindless killers.

He and his troops helped the Task Force troops sharpen their skills against the ComStar Invader Galaxy on the FedCom world of Defiance.

During the year-long journey to Huntress the capital world of the Jaguars, the task force encountered a pirate band which were defeated and their leadership executed. This upset Masters and his people due to their beliefs of honorable conduct. A short time later, the Task Force fought a small flotilla of WarShips and a JumpShip from Clan Ghost Bear travelling to the Inner Sphere. Serpent's forces had defeated them, only to discover that the Bears' lone civilian JumpShip had been carrying thousands of civilians. Task Force commander, Morgan Hasek-Davion, ordered that the Clansmen would either swear bondmanship to the Task Force, or be marooned on a habitable world. Again Masters, and others among the Eridani Light Horse were at odds with task force decision. Masters offered to take in a number of the bondsman civilians as the most civilized way to handle the situation.

In March 5th, 3060, the Task Force arrived at Huntress. Masters' 1st Knights and House Liao's Kingston's Legionnaires were directed to take the Jaguars' training base at the city of New Andery. There Master's Knights and his allies encountered large numbers of never before seen ProtoMechs, which inflicted considerable amounts of damage to them. During the fanatical assault cost Masters his Anvil BattleMech.

On the 19th, two makeshift Galaxies of Smoke Jaguar forces arrived from the desperate fight from their now former Occupation Zone. Masters and his Knights were assigned with the Northwind Highlanders posted southwest of Lake Osis. They became known as the Southern Army for the SLDF forces. A second force of Jaguar reinforcements arrived, lead by saKhan Brandon Howell. These forces drove the Knights and Highlanders into Dhuan Swamp, with Master's Knights being reduced to only one quarter their original strength.[3] Half of the Southern Army is routed and killed. However, during Clan attacks the Knights lead to rescue 1st Kathil Uhlans and help Southern army fight off Clan forces.

After the remains of First Prince Victor Steiner-Davion's Task Force Bulldog arrives and assists Serpent forces cleanup Huntress. After conducting a Trial of Refusal to end the invasion of the Clans, Steiner-Davion returned to Huntress and spoke with Masters. He designated Masters as Star League liaison to the Clans, despite Master's misgivings of the Prince's ambitions.[4][5]

Titles and PositionsEdit

Preceded by
House Dystar
Count of Gibson

Succeeded by


The BattleMech Masters piloted during most of his career, including the Gibson campaign, was a Phoenix Hawk. During Task Force Serpent his machine was a Anvil, which he lost in the battle of New Andery. Later he replaced with a captured OmniMech Nobori-nin, which he used the last stage of the campaign.


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