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Paul Steiner

Paul Steiner
Born 2725[1]
Died 2799[2]
Affiliation House Steiner
Profession General of the Armies[3]
Parents Michael Steiner II (father)
Joan Lestrade (mother)
Siblings Robert Steiner II
Jennifer Steiner
Children Kailen Steiner (illegitimate)
Silvia Steiner

Paul Steiner was the third child of Archon Michael Steiner II and his wife Joan Lestrade.[4]



He was killed on Lamar.[2]


Kailen was the illegitimate son of Paul Steiner and left the Inner Sphere with General Kerensky. It is unknown when Kailen was born, but he was old enough in 2821 to have fought with Nicholas Kerensky and establish the Clans, forming the basis for the Steiner Bloodhouse within Clan Cloud Cobra.[5][6]


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