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Philip Marik

Philip Marik
Born 2291
Died 2343
Affiliation House Marik
Profession Captain-General of the Free Worlds League
Parents Terrence Marik (father)
Siblings George Marik
Children Geraldine Marik
Mikhail Marik

Philip Marik (b. 2291 — d. 2343) served as the fifth Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. He was the eldest son of Terrence Marik.[1][2]

Philip was noted as an intense leader of House Marik. Internal strife led Parliament to appoint a Captain-General in 2336 and again in 2341. As Captain-General, Philip preferred to avoid spilling the blood of his countrymen, so he turned to negotiation instead. His "big-stick" approach kept violence to a minimum.[2]

Preceded by
Terrence Marik
Captain General of the Free Worlds League
2336 (first term)
2341 (second term)

Succeeded by
Geraldine Marik


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