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Pinard-Dicolais Electronics

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Pinard-Dicolais Electronics

Company Information
Interstellar Company No
Primary Site(s) Pinard
Primary Products Satellites

Pinard-Dicolais Electronics is a civilian and military electronics manufacturer within the Taurian Concordat.[1]

Company ProfileEdit

Home Office: Pinard

President/CEO: Morgan Pinard (circa 3025).[1] In 3067 Kelso Pinard Escobar was the CEO.[2]


Pinard-Dicolais Electronics is the largest privately owned and operated industry within the Taurian Concordat. It was originally founded in the 2500s by Fiona Pinard. During the Reunification War, most of the company's holdings were seized by the Star League. Despite this setback, by 3025, the company was the most profitable corporation within Taurian space.[1] In late 3067 they were known for their production of sensors and targeting systems for BattleMechs, hovercraft, and AeroSpace Fighters. They were also known as the producer of the most popular poker machine in the Periphery.[2]


Pinard-Dicolais Electronics has manufacturing centers on the following planets:


Components produced on Pinard:
Component Type
PowerSat Satellite[3]
Guardian ECM Suite ECM Suite[3]
Target Acquisition Gear Electronics system[3]
Garret T10B Communications System - Shipped to MacLeod's Land for Locust, Stinger, and Clint to Taurus for Locust and Wasp to Illiushin for Stinger and Commando to New Vandenburg for Stinger and also to Perdition for Wasp
Garret Supremesound Communications System - Shipped to Taurus and Perdition for Thunderbird to Pinard for Slayer and Shilone and to New Vandenburg for Chippewa (As of 3067)
Neil 5000 Communications System - Shipped to Illiushin for Griffin and Shadow Hwawk to Perdition for J.Edgar and Vedette to New Vandenburg and Pinard for Hunter and to Sterope for APC
Neil 6000 Communications System
Neil 6000-x Communications System - Shipped to Sterope for Maultier
Neil 8000 Communications System - Shipped to Pinard and Taurus for Thunderbolt
Neil 9000 Communications System - Shipped to Taurus for Hatchetman and New Vandenburg for Archer
Neil 9000-A Communications System - Shipped to Taurus for Marshal
Octagon Tartrac - System C Targeting-Tracking System - Shipped to Illiushin for Griffin and Shadow Hawk to Taurus for Marshal
RCA Instatrac Mark X Targeting-Tracking System - Shipped to Taurus for Hatchetman and Thunderbolt to Pinard for Thunderbolt
RCA Instatrac Mark XII Targeting-Tracking System - Shipped to New Vandenburg for Archer
TracTex Apha-1 Targeting-Tracking System - Shipped to Perdition for J.Edgar, Fulcrum and Vedette to Pinard for Vedette to Sterope for Hunter, APC and Maultir and also to New Vandenburg for Hunter
RCA-Dynatec Tracer Artemis IV FCS


The Landmark production facility made personal computers, game machines, holoplayers, and personal data assistants. No military production was here in 3067.[2]


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