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240 Fusion Engine

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General Motors 240Edit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Graham IV (destroyed 2775) Mitchell Vehicles HCT-213 Hellcat [1]
Luthien Luthien Armor Works - OmniMech Production Facility SR1-O Strider [2]
Betelgeuse Aldis Industries Schrek [3][4]

General Motors Super 240Edit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Nanking Kallon Industries Partisan Air Defense Tank [5]

GoreTex 240Edit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Terra Aldis Industries Demolisher [6]

New Samarkand
Aldis Industries
Alphard Trading Corporation
New Samarkand Metals
Schrek [7][8][9][10]

Hermes 240Edit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Irian & Shiro III Irian BattleMechs Unlimited HER-2S Hermes II
HER-5S Hermes II

Pitban 240[13]Edit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Hesperus II Defiance Industries Manticore Heavy Tank [14]
Dunianshire Majesty Metals and Manufacturing Manticore Heavy Tank [15]
Terra Leopard Armor Rhino Combat Vehicle [16]
Panpour (disconitnued in 3000)
Jalastar Aerospace
Lockheed/CBM Corporation
CNT-1D Centurion [17]
Tematagi (destroyed 3069)
Lapida II
Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited SDR-5V Spider
SDR-7M Spider
Bell (destroyed 2812) Andoran Industries Ltd. CLNT-2-3T Clint [20]
Andoran Industries Ltd.
Defiance Industries
CLNT-2-3U Clint [21]
Tematagi (destroyed 3069
Nimakachi Fusion Products Limited
Coventry Metal Works
VL-2T Vulcan
VL-5M Vulcan
Savannah Technicron Manufacturing AWS-8Q Awesome [24]
Hesperus II (discontinued 3014) Defiance Industries STN-3K Sentinel [25]
Hesperus II Defiance Industries STN-3L Sentinel [26]
Luthien Luthien Armor Works LNC25-02 Lancelot [27]
Talon (moon of Wernke)
Kallon Industries
Trellshire Heavy Industries
Red Devil Industries
RFL-3N Rifleman [28]
Solaris VII Omnitech Industries TS-P1D Tsunami [29]
Alpheratz Mountain Wolf BattleMechs MLN-1A Merlin [30]
Warlock Ceres Metals Industries HEL-3D Helios [31]
Paradise Curtiss Militech YMN-6Y Yeoman [32]
Terra Skobel MechWorks LGC-0 I Legacy [33]
Skye Cyclops Incorporated Praetorian [34]

Shinobi 240Edit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Schuyler Wakazashi Enterprises S-3 Sai [35]

VOX 240aEdit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Andurien Andurien Aerotech F-90 Stingray [36]
Westover Andurien AeroTech F-77 Deathstalker [37]

Warner 240JEdit

Manufactured on Manufactured by Typically used in References
Panpour Jalastar Aerospace Sparrowhawk [38]


† References unclear whether this factory produces or imports this equipment.


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