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Production information
Manufacturer Alshain Naval Yards
Production Year 3100
Use Ground Assault and Support
Heavy Vehicle and Battle Armor Transport
Type Military Spheroid
Tech Base Clan Advanced
Technical specifications
Mass 6,000 tons
Structural Integrity 15
Length 115 meters
Width 115 meters
Height 96 meters
Drive System Fusion Engine
Safe Thrust 3
Max Thrust 5
Fuel (tons) 160
Fuel (days) 1400
Armament 4x Cruise Missile 50s
3x Ultra AC-20s
14x Gauss Rifles
5x ER Large Lasers
39x Large Pulse Lasers
30x AMS
Armor Ferro-Aluminum Armor
Crew 3 Officers
5 Enlisted/Non-Rated
13 Gunners
220 Bay personnel
Escape Pods/Life Boats 0/35
Heat Sinks 175 Double Heat Sinks
Communications System Unspecified
Targeting Tracking System Unspecified
BV (2.0) 14,615[1][2]


The Polaris is a Clan Ground-base Fire Support / Transport type DropShip which was produced in limited numbers during Second Combine-Dominion War. A specialized design, it was conceived by Clan Ghost Bear for their war against Draconis Combine and their Clan allies, Clan Nova Cat.[3]

Design HistoryEdit

Designed as an artillery vessel with a vehicle and battle armor carrier capacity, the Polaris was most noted for its missile-based artillery batteries, which became notorious during the battle of Irece. It was during this campaign beginning in June 3100, when Rasalhague's galaxies landed their Polaris DropShips and were used to bombard Nova Cat's capital city of New Barcella into rubble. In this campaign they gained a negative reputation.

Only twenty of these ships were produced, further production being deemed unnecessary. This was due to the lack of a need for an artillery fire support vessel and their lift capacity limited to heavy tanks and battlesuit infantry Supernova. These ships were only used in the Second Combine-Dominion War, with majority of the ships assigned to the Omega Galaxy and Star worth of the ships assigned to Beta Galaxy.

Three Polaris were lost during the conflict, with only a few of these ships being retained in active service with Clan Ghost Bear after the year 3100. After the war, Beta Galaxy would retain these remaining active ships of the Class, while Omega Galaxy would lose their ships and disperse some to Alpha Galaxy and Galaxies associated with the former KungsArmé. Twelve of these ships were mothballed and would not see service again until 3144, when they were used as part of effort to absorb Vega Protectorate into the Dominion.[4][5]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

In its role as a Fire Support Vessel, the ship's weaponry is geared to project artillery at considerable distances. In this role, the Polaris mounts four Class-50 Cruise Missile in its nose with forty rounds of ammunition to supply the launchers. Protecting the ship's hull aside from a large array of anti-missile systems is 30 tons of ferro-aluminum armor.

Rounding the ship's regular weaponry includes;

  • Nose: Three Class-20 Ultra Autocannons, an array of five ER Large Lasers, four Large Pulse Lasers and five Anti-Missile Systems.
  • Front & Aft Left/Right: All include three Gauss Rifles, Four Large Pulse Lasers and five Anti-Missile Systems.
  • Aft: Three Large Pulse Lasers, two Gauss Rifles, and five Anti-Missile Systems.[6]


  • Bay 1: Heavy Vehicles - 20 Units (4 Doors)
  • Bay 2: Battle Armor Point - 10 Points (2 Doors)
  • Bay 3: Cargo Space - 217 Tons (1 Door)

Related DesignsEdit


The Polaris stats were adjusted after its publication, this included changing of the two Cruise Missile 120 to the quad of four Cruise Missile 50s.[7]

The Master Unit List for the Polaris also corrects the introduction year to 3100 verse the original PDF's listing it introduced in 3099.


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