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Poseidon Mobile Engineering Platform

Poseidon Mobile Engineering Platform.jpg
Poseidon Mobile Engineering Platform
Production information
Manufacturer Free Worlds League
Use Industrial Support / Construction
Tech Base Nontournament Legal
Chassis Type (Size) Airship (Large)
Equipment Rating
Cost  ???
Introduced 3048[1]
Technical specifications
Mass 800
Speed 0.75
Top Speed 0.75 K/ph
Power Plant Solar
Fuel (Type/Range) Electrical / 8 hours
Armament 8x Machine Guns
Heat Sinks 0
Armor (Bar 4) 50
Crew 9 (5 crew, 7 gunners, 2 officers)
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


Originally created as a fishery vessel (still retaining its Amphibious capacities) on New Olympia in the Free Worlds League, the Poseidon is an industrial support air vessel. The vehicle's primary function is a mobile crane and engineering rig. The vehicle has been successful in industry since its introduction in 3048.[2]

The Poseidon uses solar panels to charge its large batteries to operate at night time. The ship carries an array of equipment including mining drills, pile drivers, two cranes, and Beagle Active Probe.

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The ship features eight machine guns to safeguard air and sea attacks. The ship carries 10 tons of ammunition for its weaponry. Civil Engineer version of the ship do not carry these weapons.


56 tons with two doors, one on each side of the ship.


  • Features Amphibious Chassis and Control Modification, heavy-duty pile driver, two lift hoists, mining drill, two search lights, communication gear, field kitchen, and crew quarters.


  1. MUL online date for the Poseidon Mobile Engineering Platform
  2. Handbook: House Marik was written in game year 3067, and stated that vehicle had been in service for two decades