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Prey's Divisionals

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Prey's Divisionals
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Major J. "Bad Karma" Benderoth
JumpShips no
DropShips yes
Aerospace no
Armor no
Infantry no


Believed to have been originally part of "Lady Death" Paula Trevaline's pirate band out of the Tortuga Dominions, Prey's Divisionals entered service with the Taurian Concordat in 3049. After troubled beginnings, the Divisionals were finally awarded a long term garrison contract on the world of New Vallis as part of the Taurian Defense Force's (TDF) VI Corps.

While on assignment on New Vallis, Captain Talia Martens, commander of the Battalions First Company, met and fell in love with Jeffrey Calderon. This relationship lead to the birth of their son Erik in 3056. The birth of a new Calderon heir was kept secret by all in the know, with all members of the Divisionals and the commander of VI Corps Marshal Cham Kithrong taking oaths of silence to protect the reputation of Jeffrey Calderon and the life of his son.

The death of Protector Jeffrey Calderon in 3061 caused great turmoil in the Taurian Concordat. Though the birth of Jeffrey's son was not widely known, the existence of other Calderon heirs was. The actions of Grover Shraplen, with his taking of the Protectorship despite available Calderon candidates, led to dissatisfaction among certain groups and in 3063 Marshal Kithrong took the unofficial title of Regent for the young Erik Calderon. These actions ultimately culminated in the rebellion of the entire VI Corps against the policies of the Shraplen government in 3066.

With the disolution of the Taurian VI Corps and the creation of the Calderon Protectorate state, the Divisionals decided to stand by their contract with the Taurian Concordat instead of joining the splinter government. Talia Martens and her son left the Divisionals on good terms at this time for the Calderon Protectorate and were soon followed by her command lance. No hard feelings were felt or expressed by any at this parting of the ways.

Though the remaining Divisionals continued to stand by their contract to protect the Taurian Concordat as a whole the Shraplen government viewed the unit with suspicion. The Divisionals agreed to fulfill their garrison contract, but denied any offensive actions against either the Federated Suns or the Calderon Protectorate. Protector Shraplen viewed this as a breach of contract and it was only through Word of Blake negotiators that the situation was ultimately resolved.

The Divisionals new five-year contract with the Taurian Concordat allows for a twenty five percent increase in pay and new equipment for the Battalion, as well as a change of deployment to the contested Federated Suns border.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Prey's Divisionals
Major J. "Bad Karma" Benderoth 3059[1]


Their tactics are primarily defensive in nature and they will take any action to avoid potential civilian casualties.


The unit possesses a single Overlord-class Dropship for transport of Battalion assets. They have some integral support but must hire additional techs for larger repairs.


Prey’s Divisionals(1 Battalion/Regular/Reliable)

  • CO/Second Co.: Major J. "Bad Karma" Benderoth
  • XO/First Co.: Captain Lynell Nickolavich

- Many medium designs, with some upgrades.


Prey’s Divisionals (Battalion/Regular/Reliable) [1]

  • CO: Major J. "Bad Karma" Benderoth [1]
Note: At this point in time the unit was stationed on New Vallis. [1]



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