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Principes Guards

Principes Guards.png
Principes Guards
Formed 3084[1]
Affiliation Republic of The Sphere
Parent Command Republic Armed Forces


The Principes Guards were formed in late 3084 to assist the Hastati Sentinels in the fight against the Capellan Confederation. They formed a key element in the Republic's push against the Capellan Confederation.[1]

Formed in 3084 at the same time as The Republic of the Sphere, the Principes Guards are the unsung heroes of the Republic Armed Forces. Though the Triarii Protectors might give more speeches to the nobility, and the Hastati Sentinels may travel between the various Prefecture worlds when pirate activity flares up, the Principes Guards simply fight and defend the people of the worlds hosting them. Day in and day out, the Guards maintain their combat readiness and assist their neighbors in defending the worlds they call home. Though the planetary population may be impressed by a speech from a Triarii Protector, or stand in awe of the Hastatii Sentinel's combat prowess, the Principes Guards have earned their respect through their dedication. Many Guards have extensive friendships with the people, being known by their first names.[2]

When the walls of Fortress Republic went up, most of the Principes Guards units refused to abandon their posts. Most of these units were destroyed shortly thereafter. Inside Fortress Republic, several new Principes Guards regiments were raised.[3]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Principes Guards


The Principes Guards serve as the anvil to the Sentinels hammer, smashing enemy forces between them.[1]

Units of the Principes GuardsEdit

At their formation, the Principes Guards units were organized similarly to the Hastati Sentinels. Each unit consisted of two BattleMech battalions, two armor regiments, three infantry regiments, and a company of artillery and AeroSpace Fighter support.[1]

Like all units in the Republic Armed Forces, the Principes Guards consist of a combined armed regiment assigned to one of the Republic's Prefectures. The Principes Guards regiments are numbered by the Republic Prefecture where they serve. The original ten Guards regiments are:

The following regiments were formed inside the walls of Fortress Republic:


How the Guards reacted to Jonah Levin's activation of the Fortress Republic plan isn't known. Given their strong ties to the worlds where they're deployed, it's likely they chose to remain on station, much like the Eridani Light Horse did when General Kerensky called for the Exodus.


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