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Prinz Eugen

Prinz Eugen
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Texas


The SLS Prinz Eugen was a Texas-class SLDF WarShip, which became part of General Kerensky's Exodus Fleet in 2784. During the journey, the ship gained notoriety for being one of the ships belonging to the SLDF staff that rebelled and threatened to return to the Inner Sphere in August 2785. The ship was captured by General Kerensky's commandos after a brief naval battle and boarding action, ending what was known as the Prinz Eugen Mutiny.[1] Once the fleet discovered the Pentagon Worlds and setup their own government, the Prinz Eugen was decommissioned and placed in one of the SLDF's Naval Reserve boneyards. By the time of the Clans' liberation of the Pentagon Worlds, the vessel's name was synonymous of Rebellion, so no one clan wanted it in their Touman. Instead, it became a prison ship, the Clans version of Alcatraz or Europa. Located in the outer reaches of Strana Mechty system, for each Clan warrior, to be imprisoned there was the ultimate degradation.[2] The ship remained in use as a prison ship well past the Clan Invasion of the 3050s.[3]

As the Word of Blake's Jihad raged in the Inner Sphere, the Wars of Reaving were taking place in the Clan Homeworlds. The Prinz Eugen, long a prison ship in high orbit over Strana Mechty, was subverted by The Society and given to the reborn Clan Burrock. The ship was used to defend the Tanis system until its destruction in 3073 at the hands of a Clan Cloud Cobra invasion fleet led by Star Admiral Rufus Kardaan. After several assaults, the ship was finally destroyed and allowed to drift off into space by order of Cloud Cobra Khan Din Steiner.[4][5]


The Prinz Eugen is known to have been in service at least as early as the mid-to-late 2680s or early 2690s, as it was during roughly this period that the future Vice Admiral and SLDF Director of Communications, Iffat Nadvi, was stationed aboard the Prinz Eugen as Communications Officer as her first SLDF posting.[6]


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