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Protectorate Coalition

Formed after the collapse of the Republic of the Sphere , the Protectorate Coalition was one of the Proto-nations created from the remains of former Free Worlds League worlds that had been ceded to the Republic.

Protectorate Coalition
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Founded in 3136 and consisting of the worlds of Kalidasa, New Hope, Alkes, and Rochelle, the Coalition attempted to muster enough military forces to fend off being swallowed up by larger nations such as Marik-Stewart Commonwealth and Lyran Commonwealth. After the fall of Marik-Stewart Commonwealth, the worlds began to receive refugees from the Marik-Stewart armed forces, including the entire Silver Hawk Irregulars whom based themselves on New Hope.

By 3138 the Protectorate had entered into an alliance with the Covenant Worlds and sent militia forces in response to Thaddeus Marik's call for military assistance to aide Oriente Protectorate's war against the Duchy of Andurien, joining the Covenant Worlds 1st Expeditionary Force by May of 3138.

Alliance between the Covenant with taking of Savannah & Remlus by the expeditionary force. Creating a bridge between the two stellar nations.[1]

The nation joined with the Covenant in sending forces as part of the unified Free Worlds League military campaign to take Atreus in April of 3139. Including the third battalion of Silver Hawk Irregulars.

Representatives from the Coalition were later sent to attend the July 3rd swearing in of the Captain-General Jessica Marik on Atreus.


This was one of Thaddeus Marik's planned neighborhoods he was creating to be part of his attempt to reunite Free Worlds League within the old borders of the Republic of the Sphere.


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