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Rachel Masters

Rachel Masters
Affiliation House Masters
Parents Virgil Masters (father)[1]
Spouse Edward Davion
Children Arthur Davion[1]

Rachel Masters (b. ???? - d. ????) was the wife of Edward Davion, eighth President of the Federated Suns.[1]


Rachel Masters was the daughter of Virgil Masters, the delegate to the High Council of the Federated Suns for the planet Numenor. Rachel was a well-known socialite on the Arcadian circuit, prior to her marriage to Edward Davion, one of the twin sons of President Etien Davion.[1] After Edmund Davion became President of the Federated Suns, both Edmund and his brother Edward married. Both brothers had avoided marriage prior to Edmund becoming President, as their mother - Marion Michaels - had arranged to keep both Edmund and Edward unmarried and childless, intent on ensuring that both could be used to form political alliances in the future.[2]

Rachel's marriage to Edward in 2409 came as quite a shock on New Avalon, where Edward had a well-deserved reputation as a rake who had slept with the wife and daughters of every prominant figure on the Federated Suns political circuit. The only person not surprised by the wedding was apparently Edward's mother, who commented that Edward "would have married a tree slug if he thought it was secure his inheritance."[1]

Despite being married, Edward continued to conduct any number of affairs, none of which he tried to hide from public view, and he went so far as to refer to Rachel as his "senior wife"; by the time of Edward's death in 2417, Rachel's son Arthur was the only legitimate child of Edward's - but one of as many as twenty children he'd reportedly sired during his lifetime.[1]

Edward's death narrowly averted a civil war in the Federated Suns, although it also nearly resulted in House Davion losing control of the Presidency. Arthur was briefly named as successor to Simon Davion, but never came to power; instead, Arthur would join the Combat Marines, and served a distinguished career before dying in action in 2447, having never married or produced children.[1]


  • "The Forgotten Davion" side bar in House Davion (The Federated Suns) book notes that Rachel would marry Edward Davion in 2309, this is an obvious error as it pre-dates the birth of Edward.


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