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Radstadt Prefecture

History & DescriptionEdit

The Radstadt Prefecture was one of the administrative regions that comprised the Rasalhague Military District of the Draconis Combine.[1]

In 3025, the Radstadt Prefecture was the heart of the Rasalhague District and of Rasalhague separatism. New Bergen and Susquehanna had become the centers of the old Scandinavian culture, as Rasalhague and Radstadt were both too overrun with Kurita operatives. In 3023, DCMS troops broke up a "Leif Erikson Day" celebration sponsored by the "Sons of Knute" and the "Chrysanthemum Cross-Cultural Appreciation Society" on Susquehanna. This action fanned the flames of discontent, though no coherent response had surfaced as of 3025. Prefect Cory Andrews was not notified in advance of the raid, nor did he receive official notice from Luthien afterwards. This made Prefect Andrews justifiably nervous, and he made few public appearances or statements since then.[1]

Prefecture Commanding OfficersEdit

Position Rank Name
Bjarred Prefecture Commanding Officers
CO General Ivan Sorenson[2]
Aide Brigadier General Sven Johannsen[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Prefects of the Radstadt Prefecture
Prefect Cory Andrews 3025[1]

Military DeploymentEdit

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