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Production information
Manufacturer Bannson Universal Unlimited
Production Year 3124[1]
Model JL-1
Class Medium
Introduced 3124
Technical specifications
Mech type Inner Sphere BattleMech
Mass 50 tons
Chassis BUU Standard Medium Chassis
Armor BUU MechStandard
Engine Bannson Spark 200 ICE
Communications System BUU FarSweep Comms
Targeting Tracking System BUU AccuTrack 3000
Heat Sinks 2
Speed 64 km/h (86 km/h with TSM)
Jump Jets None

2x MRM-10s
1x Dual Saw

BV (2.0) 817[2][3]


The Raider was an unusual Experimental Medium Class BattleMech, which was the brain child of a Republician Industrialist named Jacob Bannson. The design was created as a means to skirt around Republic of the Sphere restrictions on military hardware under the project name "Jacob's Ladder". Bannson's technical and engineering teams would utilize whatever technology they could access to reach their goal. By 3132, weapon systems and hardware began to come together, however the power plant would prove to be Bannson's engineers biggest obstacle. Two years worth of failures would delay the Raider's production at Bannson's two factories on Tybalt and St. Andre. However, despite these engineering setbacks, the resulting design turned out to be not necessarily a failure. The Raider proved to be a commercial success when it first appeared on the battlefields by 3134. The design's most noted usage would be through Jacob Bannson's personal mercenary force, the Bannson's Raiders.[4]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

The Raider is an ICE-Powered BattleMech, while its internal construction is similar to contemporaries of its tonnage. Its 200-Rated Internal Combustion Engine gives the 'Mech a modest maximum speed of 64 kph. However if the MechWarrior piloting it is able to manage the 'Mech's heat output correctly, they should be able to engage the Raider's military grade Triple Strength Myomer to move the Raider to a faster top speed and become more effective in close range combat. To help it survive the rigors of the battlefield, the Bannson Universal Research & Development team was able to develop its own standard grade BattleMech armor for the company's use. These engineers fitted out the Raider with 7 tons of this armor to give the Raider protection most industrial 'Mechs would envy.

Its arsenal of weaponry is limited to a pair of Hatchett-Dauer Quarrel 10-Tubed Medium-Ranged Missile Launchers mounted in the right torso, with single ton of ammunition. The Raider's primary close-range weapon is its BUU SuperCutter Dual Saw mounted on its left arm actuator.[5]


JL-2 Raider Mk.II
  • JL-2 Raider Mk.II 
    The Mark II variant of the Raider owes its development to Bannson Industries R&D team's success with the development of the BUU Straightshooter Class-2 Rotary Autocannon. Though not included in the original design due to weight issues, the weapon design was too good to drop completely. The Rotary autocannon gives the Mk II more accurate firepower at long ranges, while the standard model was forced to use a modest ranged and slightly inaccurate weapon for ranged attacks. The Rotary Autocannon and its 2 tons of ammunition installed in the right arm would require complete removal of the MRM Launchers. To fit the weapon, the Raider's engine would have to be down-rated to a 150-rated sized engine. This thus reduced the Mech's maximum speed of 50kph, while however under certain conditions, it would be able to reach the original design's standard maximum running speed while using TSM. However, the engine reduction would prove to be a boon to the variant's armor protection, where it bolstered to 10 tons of standard armor. BV(2.0)=883[6][7]
  • Multiple local variants 
    The Raider is relatively easy to produce and has spread across the Inner Sphere. These variants usually remove the Dual Saw and replace it with heat sinks, power amplifiers, or additional armor. These variants have been tagged as JL-3A, JL-3B, etc. by The Republic of the Sphere.[8]


  • The Raider and the Raider MK II was first created by Wizkids' MechWarrior Dark Age Collectable Miniatures game as a part of its Counter-Assault expansion set. The both figures were used as general use unit for most of the CGC game factions featured in Counter-Assault. The 'Mech would later be adapted by Catalyst Game Labs and redefined in the tabletop game once the company advanced the franchise's timeline to 3145. It would not be among the many adapted design from Wizkids when Catalyst Game Labs released the Technical Readout: 3145 series of faction-specific PDFs and printed volumes. It would later appear exclusively in PDF-Only Era Digest: Dark Age and only source of record sheet as of this writing. The Mech was also featured in Technical Readout: 3150, however no record sheet have been printed as of this writing for publication.

Design QuirksEdit

The JL-1 Raider has the following Design Quirk;

The JL-2 Raider Mk.II is subjected to the following Design Quirks;


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