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Rapier (Patrol Destroyer)

This article is about the blue water naval vessel. For other uses, see Rapier (disambiguation).

Rapier Patrol Destroyer.jpg
Rapier Patrol Destroyer
(Wet Navy)
Production information
Manufacturer Federated Suns
Use Naval Fire Support, Sea Patrol, Pirate Hunting
Tech Base Star League Advanced (Non-Tournment Legal) Technology
Chassis Type (Size) Naval Vessel, Large (Large, Template C)
Equipment Rating
Cost  ???
Introduced 2943
Technical specifications
Mass 8,500 Tons
Top Speed 86.4 Km/h
Power Plant Electric (Fuel Cell)
Fuel (Type/Range) 8,347 Km
Armament 8x ER PPCs
2x LRM-20s
2x Arrow IV Launchers
2x LRT-20s
2x ER Larger Lasers
2x TAG
Heat Sinks 186
Armor (BAR 10)
Crew 22 Officers
48 Enlisted/non-rated
58 gunners
15 bay personnel
84 Jump Infantry
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0)  ???


The Rapier Patrol Destroyer was designed as the Federated Suns' principal wet navy patrol asset. In service since just before the dawn of the thirty-first century, the Rapier has been used on many worlds which have oceans to keep the peace on the high seas and support ground troops with its firepower. The Rapier also has a secondary disaster relief role, providing medical and other support to affected coastal regions. Although Rapier sections can be shipped to a world for construction on-site, the ships were designed specifically so that two of them could be transported in the cargo hold of a modified Mammoth-class DropShip, allowing them to be deployed as part of an invasion force.[1]

The Rapier was originally introduced in 2943[2] but received an update to its current standard model shortly after the Clan Invasion. Compared to the original vessel the modern Rapier's weaponry includes similar but more advanced lostech versions as well as more armoring, cargo space and fuel capacity since being introduced in 3054.[1] During the opening years of the Jihad, dozens of Rapiers were thought to have been sunk in conflict with the Word of Blake. Some of these ships were sunk by orbiting Pocket WarShips and pirate vessels using capital or sub-capital grade weaponry.[3]

Armament and CapabilitiesEdit

The ship's principal weaponry is found in three armored turrets. The ship boasts eight Extended Range Particle Projector Cannons, with four in Turret One and a pair each in Turrets Two and Three. The ship has four Extended Range Large Lasers, with two fitted in Turret One and two more covering the rear left and right firing arcs. The ship has a pair of 20-tubed Long Range Missile launchers mounted on its bow, with six tons or thirty-six racks of ammunition to fire between them. It also has a pair of 20-tubed Long Range Torpedo launchers dedicated to anti-submarine warfare. These torpedo launchers mounted on the front left and right of the ship's bow are supplied with four tons of ammunition for twenty-four volleys. For artillery support, the ship carries two Arrow IV launchers and TAG mounted in Turret Two, with eight tons of ammunition set aside for forty reloads. All of the Rapier's ammunition is found in the main body of the vessel, protected by CASE, and its weaponry guided by the ship's Advanced Fire Control system.[1]

With its 1,997-ton Fuel Cell engine the Rapier can maintain a cruising speed of 54 km/h and can travel over 8,000 kilometers thanks to a little over 2,500 tons of fuel. The ship is also well-protected with twenty-nine tons of armoring spread evenly around its hull and turrets. In addition, the Rapier mounts ten tons of Communication Equipment, a MASH unit with five operating theaters, a Helipad, a Field Kitchen and thirty lifeboats.[1]



  • Rapier-Class Patrol Destroyer (Original) - The original design of the Rapier, this model only has Succession Wars Era technology fitted on them, lacking the Star League Era Technology the current incarnation has.[6]

Named VesselsEdit

  • ex-FSS Duladier - The Duladier was part of a trio of Rapiers that were deployed to the Sarna March world of Liao in the 3050s. The ship, along with its sister ships, surrendered to House Liao forces in 3057 during Operation Guerrero. It remained decommissioned for a decade, until Liao's Home Guard began recommissioning other Rapiers as fire support vessels. The Duladier was considered a candidate for a conversion into an aircraft carrier to support other ships that were vulnerable to air attacks in 3067.[7] It's not known if the ship survived the Blakist invasion during the Jihad.


As of this writing, there are no published record sheets for either Standard or Original versions of the Rapier-Class Patrol Destroyer at this, nor is there any official listing for its Battle Value in its profile on the Master Unit List for Catalyst Game Labs.


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