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Raven Alliance

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Crest of the Raven Alliance
Raven Alliance
Faction Profile
Time period: 3083[1] – Present
Classification: Minor State
Controlled systems: 41 (3130)
Capital world: Alpheratz
Ruler title: Khan[2]
Military: Clan Snow Raven Touman
Alliance Military Corps (AMC)
Secret Service: Clan Snow Raven Watch
Outworlds Alliance Intelligence

The Raven Alliance represents the union of the Outworlds Alliance and the Machiavellian Clan Snow Raven.


In the late 3060's, Clan Snow Raven would begin to see how little they would gain from staying in the Clan Homeworlds. As a result, they would depart from Clan Space permanently. While traveling to the Inner Sphere they would engage in a Trial of Possession against the Outworlds Alliance for their Jumpship, which they lost against. Despite their loss, the Ravens would gain the respect and friendship of the Outworlds Alliance and work together to create the Corax OmniFighter. While the Outworlds Alliance stayed in isolation during the Jihad Era, the Ravens had to face war on two different fronts from both Inner Sphere and Clan forces. With the former, they would fight against the Draconis Combine in revenge for destroying one of their Warships and the latter being their hated foes of the Steel Viper Clan as a way to purify the Clan Homeworlds from those who have been "tainted" by the Inner Sphere. After Clan Snow Raven lost their holdings and was abjured from Clan Space during the Wars of Reaving, they would seek refuge with their allies in the Outworlds Alliance. Seeing the similarities and benefits between both factions, they would bore a fruitful relationship that would result in the merging of the Raven Alliance after the Jihad ended.

Fact Sheet[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]Edit

Manufacturing CenterEdit

A detailed list of some Raven Alliance manufacturer and company centers.

Raven Alliance Companies



Though the Raven Alliance forces were formed by the merge of the Clan Snow Raven Touman and Alliance Military Corps (AMC), they indeed did not act as a single unit and stayed separated. Nevertheless a list of the active units during the Raven Alliance existence has been categorized here.


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