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Raven Alliance

The Raven Alliance represents the union of the Outworlds Alliance and the machiavellian Clan Snow Raven.

Crest of the Raven Alliance
Raven Alliance
Faction Profile
Time period: 3083[1] – Present
Classification: Minor State
Controlled systems: 41 (3130)
Capital world: Alpheratz
Ruler title: Khan[2]
Military: Clan Snow Raven Touman
Alliance Military Corps (AMC)
Secret Service: Clan Snow Raven Watch
Outworlds Alliance Intelligence


Fact Sheet[3][4][5][6][7][8][9]Edit

  • Ruler: Khan Sterling McKenna
  • Government: Parliamentary Confederacy (with Clan warrior-caste stylings)
  • Capital (City, World): Farmindas, Alpheratz
  • Dominant Language(s): English (official), Japanese, French
  • Dominant Religion(s): Christianity (Gregorian), Muslim, Agnostic, Shinto
  • Inhabited Worlds (3130): 41
  • Founding Year: 3083
  • Currency: Raven-Escudo
  • Economy: Socialist
  • Major Factory Worlds Overview: Alpheratz, Mitchella, Ramora, Sevon
  • Iconic Corp: Alliance Industries Diversified
  • Iconic Military Units Overview: Clint IIC (M40), Night Hawk (M35), Merlin (M60), Horned Owl (Peregrine) (M35), Oro (V60), Bashkir (F20), Chaeronea (F25), Corax (F30), Issus (F40), Lightning (F50), Aerie (BA), Chrysaor (P6), Cecerops (P3)
  • C-Bill Exchange: Unknown
  • First BattleMech: Locust (2549)
  • First Battle Armour: Elemental (2875)
  • Most Prominent Centre of Innovation: University of Alpheratz
  • Major Defence Industries: Alliance Defenders Limited, Mountain Wolf BattleMechs, United Outworlders Corporation
  • Most Recent Innovations: Ferro-Lamellor Armor (3070)
  • Tech Rating: F
  • First Rediscovered: None
  • Heavy AeroSpace Industry: Unknown
  • Most Recent Naval/AeroSpace Innovations: None
  • Major Naval Academies: Clan Sibko System, Columbia Academy
  • Active WarShips: 40
  • First AeroSpace Fighter: Centurion (2557)
  • First WarShip: Corone (2915)

Manufacturing CenterEdit

A detailed list of some Raven Alliance manufacturer and companie centers.

Raven Alliance Companies



Though the Raven Alliance forces were formed by the merge of the Clan Snow Raven Touman and Alliance Military Corps (AMC), they indeed did not act as a single unit and stayed separated. Nevertheless a list of the active units during the Raven Alliance existence has been categorizaed here.


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