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Ravill Pryde

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Ravill Pryde.jpg
Ravill Pryde
Born 3029
Died 3064
Affiliation Clan Jade Falcon
Profession Star Colonel

Ravill Pryde (born 3029[1] - died 3064[citation needed]) was a thirty-first century trueborn Jade Falcon MechWarrior. He was known for commanding the elite Falcon Guards unit during the Truce of Tukayyid. He is also described as one of the ugliest trueborns ever made by any standard. Despite having a very small and weak looking physique, he possesed superior physical and mental abilities. It is indicated that this was the result of secret genetic experiments of the Jade Falcon Scientist caste.

Early CareerEdit

Ravill received his MechWarrior training at Camp Crash on Ironhold. In his Trial of Position, he used a modified version of Aidan Pryde's tactic to destroy three of his opponents, and thus gaining the initial rank of star captain. His tactic caused his fellow cadet-warriors to lose the fight after being ganged up on.[2]

He very quickly earned the rank of Star Colonel, as well as the Pryde bloodname, and was considered a ristar.

He was given command of the Falcon Guards after the Battle of Tukayyid, replacing the previous commander Aidan Pryde who was slain in that battle.

Refusal WarEdit

During the Trial between Clan Jade Falcon and Clan Wolf, the Falcon Guards led by Ravill were sent to Twycross where they met Wolf forces led by the infamous Natasha Kerensky. During the battle it is implied that he manipulated events so that Star Commander Joanna would meet the Black Widow in personal combat. Joanna emerged victorious, killing Natasha Kerensky, which led to victory for the Falcon Guards.

Steel Viper-Jade Falcon WarEdit

When MechWarrior Diana took part in the Trial of Bloodright for the Pryde bloodname, Ravill Pryde was acting as her reluctant sponsor. One day before the scheduled start of the trial, Pryde House Leader Risa Pryde died of natural causes (cardiac arrest). Ravill Pryde was informed by SaKahn Samantha Clees that Khan Marthe Pryde had appointed him acting House Pryde Leader for the duration of the trials. After Diana had won the bloodname, he challenged her to a Trial of Refusal, but was interrupted by the news of Steel Viper attacks on Falcon worlds. When Diana Pryde defeated Khan Perigard Zalman and the Vipers were routed, he dropped his challenge and considered her worthy of bearing the Pryde Bloodname.

Operation AudacityEdit

Khan Marthe Pryde decided to attack the Lyran Alliance during the FedCom Civil War, which Victor Steiner-Davion responded to by sending a task force to halt their advance. When elements of this task force landed on Twycross, the planet was defended by the Falcon Guards led by Star Colonel Ravill Pryde. After accepting a batchall from Archer Christifori, the task force commander, Ravill Pryde personally led the defending forces.

As the Inner Sphere DropShips were approaching the field of battle however, Ravill Pryde's Timber Wolf fired upon one of the ships, breaking safcon he had granted. This led to the Trial devolving into a full-blown engagement, and the Star Colonel was later confirmed to have died in the fighting. The only explanation offered is that the circuitry of his 'Mech had been suffering malfunctions for some time.


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