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Record Sheets: 3058 Upgrades

Record Sheets: 3058 Upgrades
Product information
Type Record Sheets
Development  ???
Primary writing N/A
Pages 364
Illustrations N/A
Publication information
Publisher InMediaRes
Product code BC-203
First published 2006
MSRP 14.95


Record Sheets: 3058 Upgrades contains the record sheets for all of the units presented in Technical Readout: 3058 Upgrade, including battle armor, combat vehicles, and 'Mechs. Some of the designs were altered to fit within the construction rules in TechManual.

The book was replaced by two PDF Record Sheet books which was split between Inner Sphere & Clan / Star League.



  • A newer version was made available in July 2007 for free to anybody who had previously purchased the product. This corrected errors from the original version.