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Red Angel

Red Angel
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Riga


The Riga-class frigate WoBS Red Angel is a former Star League Defense Force vessel, reactivated by the Word of Blake prior to the Jihad. In October 3067 the Red Angel was positioned in the outskirts of the New Avalon system along with two other Blakist WarShips, the Aegis-class heavy cruiser WoBS Herald of Justice and the Essex-class destroyer WoBS Divine Forgiveness with orders to jump to New Avalon and reveal themselves as the new defenders of the Federated Suns capital world after the Word of Blake had been accepted into the Second Star League. The collapse of the Second Star League ahead of the vote saw the three ships issued new orders; to punish the Federated Suns.[1] WarShips from the AFFS[2] - the Fox-class corvettes FSS Antrim and FSS Bryceland[1] - attempted to interdict the Blakist fleet as it approached New Avalon, and managed to cripple[2] and then destroy the WoBS Herald of Justice[3] via suicidal collisions[1] but despite the heavy fighting in space the AFFS could not prevent the Word from bombarding Avalon City and dropping almost a division of ground troops onto the city.[2]

Whilst the Divine Forgiveness and Red Angel ensured Blakist aerospace supremacy in the aftermath of the First Battle, the defenders reorganised their forces and called for reinforcements.[1] The first Word of Blake reinforcements arrived on New Avalon on the 10th of February 3068.[4] Arriving using JumpShips that had executed superjumps, the Thirty-sixth Militia Division made planetfall ahead of any of the AFFS reinforcements, initiating the Second Battle for New Avalon with nuclear weapons to make up for a lack of numbers. The nuclear bombardment shattered the First Davion Guards as well as laying waste to much of Avalon City. The Thirty-second was soon close to seizing control of the planet when the Davion reinforcements arrived in-system, each arriving at a different point and approaching the planet via different vectors in an effort to evade or breach the Blakist blockade, with varying degrees of success. All of the Davion Light Guards DropShips were intercepted by the Divine Forgiveness and Red Angel, while pocket WarShips destroyed half of the Third Davion Guards as they made their atmospheric insertion.[1]

The Second Battle for New Avalon ended in a stalemate; just as with the aftermath of the First Battle, the AFFS controlled the surface of New Avalon, but the Blakists continued to exercise orbital superiority, which they further reinforced by deploying a third WarShip to the system in November 3069[1] - the Eagle-class frigate FWLS Mordred, which had been upgraded since being subverted from the Free Worlds League black water navy.[5]

The battle for control of the planet continued for years; as late as November 3072, the remaining defenders on New Avalon were still preventing the Blakists from controlling the world.[6][7] It was during November 3072 that the Blakists received significant supplies, including additional aerospace forces and additional armaments for the three WarShips. Then, in December 3072, the Fifth FedCom RCT arrived in the New Avalon system and attempted to make planetfall. En route to the planet the Fifth FedCom threw their nuclear arsenal at the Red Angel, destroying it and a pocket WarShip.[1][3][8][9]


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