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Redburn Virus


The Redburn Virus is the name for a biologically modified respiratory infection developed by the Word of Blake for potential use as a biological weapon.[1][2]


Named for the first known high-profile victim to die from the disease, Andrew Redburn, the Redburn Virus first appeared in 3079 in the wake of Operation SCOUR. Unknown before the Jihad, the Redburn Virus began to appear in the general population of the Word of Blake Protectorate in late 3079.[1]

It is believed that Andrew Redburn contracted the virus in a Blakist prisoner of war camp on the world of Asta, from which he was freed in March 3077,[3][4] and died of the virus on Terra on the 28th of February 3079. [5] None of those who tended to Andrew Redburn while on his deathbed had displayed any signs of contracting the virus by the end of 3079, but as at the 18th of December 3079 the same virus had been reported on more than twenty worlds within the former Protectorate.[1]


As a bioengineered respiratory infection[2] the Redburn Virus bears some similarity to both influenza and various adenovirus strains and is incurable; treatment usually consists of mitigating the effects of the virus' symptoms. The symptoms of the Redburn Virus are more severe than both influenza and the adenovirus strains to which the Redburn Virus has been compared; during the 3079 outbreak, infection rates of 150 per 100,000 and mortality rates of 30 per 100,000 or higher had been reported on the worlds of Denebola, Liberty, Muphrid, Northwind, Nusakan, Styk and Woodstock. This makes the Redburn Virus both more considerably more infectious and more lethal than common influenza.[1]

Whereas the main strain of the Redburn Virus is not considered contagious, at least one variant strain of the virus has been confirmed to be communicable following incidents of infections among health care workers on Denebola who apparently contracted the virus from their patients.[1]


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