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Regina Whitman

Regina Whitman
Died December 3069
Affiliation Little Richard's Panzer Brigade
Parents Richard “Sugar Baby” Whitman (father)

Regina Whitman (b. ???? – d. Dec 3069) succeeded her father, Richard “Sugar Baby” Whitman, as commander of Little Richard's Panzer Brigade after he died of combat wounds in the latter stages of the FedCom Civil War. Regina, known as the “Gila Queen”, was an attractive woman; she was cheerful and articulate in manner. She was also a deadly MechWarrior as she demonstrated during the Panzer Brigade’s battles on Genoa and Arboris. Realising that the Panzers’ trademark tactics had very nearly destroyed them, Regina instituted changes to how the surviving elements of her command fought.[1]

Regina led her abbreviated command against the Word of Blake’s invasion of Pleione, but it was a one-sided campaign. Blakist forces brought the Panzer Brigade to battle in December of 3069 and wiped them all out. Regina Whitman was one of the casualties.[2]


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