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Reinforced Structure

A Reinforced Structure is an enhanced skeletal system for BattleMechs. It is more rugged, and less subject to damage from combat.


ComStar's technicians and engineers began working on Reinforced Structure in 3055. The Word of Blake was able to obtain plans for the technology, and from there it expanded across the Inner Sphere. By 3057 it had reached the prototype stage[1], and it was seeing its first deployments as Advanced Technology in 3084.[2]

The Reinforced Structure is twice as heavy as the standard skeleton[1], but it can sustain twice as much damage as a normal BattleMech skeleton. Despite being heavier and tougher than the typical Internal Structure, it doesn't have any of the bulk associated with other structure types.[1]

Since the Reinforced Structure is its own type, and not a modification, it cannot be combined with other structure types such as the Composite Internal Structure or an Endo Steel structure. It also cannot be mounted on ProtoMechs for the same reason.[3]


Game RulesEdit

Every point of a Reinforced Structure can sustain two points of damage, much like Hardened Armor. When rolling for critical hits, the Reinforced Structure imposes a -1 penalty to the roll. 'Mechs with a Reinforced Structure cannot mount more armor than they could normally. A Reinforced Structure weighs 20% of the BattleMech's total weight.[1]


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