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Rianna Rose

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Rianna Rose
Born 3034
Affiliation Black Thorns
Parents Corneilus Rose (father)
Marie Rose (mother)
Siblings Jeremiah Rose
Daniel Rose

Early BackgroundEdit

Rianna Rose (b. 3034 - d. 3???) was a MechWarrior, born on the planet Northwind, She was also a certified assistant tech. [1] She was the younger sister of Jeremiah Rose and one of the founding members of the Black Thorns mercenary unit, where she served as the unit's executive officer.[2]

Black ThornsEdit

Rianna Rose while being the executive officer of the Black Thorns also served as the communications specialist due to her mech’s advanced communications suite [3] During the contract on Borghese, she became infatuated with Hauptmann Salander Morgain who became a nemesis to the Black Thorns [4]

Draconis CombineEdit

The Black Thorns took a contract to garrison Wolcott. [5] During this time they took on a supplemental contract to raid Courchevel [6]. In the vicious and costly fighting against Clan Nova Cat, Rose was injured and her 'Mech was destroyed. [7].

After Clan Ghost Bear invaded the Draconis Combine in 3062, the Black Thorns were activated. They were sent to Jezersko to wage a guerrilla campaign against the Twenty-Ninth Provisional Garrison Cluster. Though they were mostly successful, a Ghost Bear trap critically wounded Rianna Rose and forced the Thorns to leave the system. [8]


Rianna piloted a Phoenix Hawk earned for graduating top of her cadet class at the Northwind Military Academy.[9]


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