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Richard Fulton

Richard Fulton
Also known as "Fury"
Affiliation Bromley Stables
Profession Arena Gladiator

Richard "Fury" Fulton was a Solaris VII MechWarrior best known for his piloting of a Juggernaut BattleMech that ended up fighting on Noisiel.


Orphaned during the Clan Invasion, Fulton lived a hand-to-mouth existence before making his way to Solaris VII. On the Game World the young man became ensnared in the backstreet Class One fight circuit before he was spotted by one of the endless number of talent scouts who inhabit the underworld of Solaris City. Earning the fight-name of "Fury", Fulton was able to make the jump to the big leagues after a number of showy victories, ultimately securing a spot with Bromley Stables piloting a massive assault weight Juggernaut.[1]

"Fury" Fulton's rise was abruptly stopped following a spectacular defeat to "Hacker" Hastings in 3066. Stalked by Hastings though an ever-changing series of holographic terrain in the Boreal Reaches, despite the superior firepower of his Juggernaut, the impressive armor of the Berserker and Hasting's dogged determination he was eventually able to close on Fulton and defeat him. Footage of Hasting's graphic match ending hatchet strike would grace the opening titles of the popular MechTalk holovid series there-after.[2] [1]

Seeking to overcome his humiliating defeat against "Hacker" Hastings, Fulton poured his own fortune into upgrading his Juggernaut to Solaris Arms latest R9T2 model in preparation for a rematch, though many openly wondered if Fulton would fare any better a second time. Ultimately the Word of Blake's invasion deprived him of that opportunity. Fulton's fortunes would continue to slide as Bromley Stables fell apart in the Word's aftermath. In Fulton's last battle on Solaris VII, a hit to his machine gun ammo stores led to humiliating defeat at the hands of a Shadow Hawk. Fulton's Juggernaut was still severely damaged when the stable dissolved.

Fulton and his 'Mech reappeared three years later on the Game World of Noisiel and with aid from Simon Vontanna, a former Bromley technician, Fulton spent the next two years rebuilding his Juggernaut. Debuting in a melee swamp battle, Fulton's new ride quickly proved why his 'Mech was now called "Leapin' Lil" when he decapitated a Crusader with a jump kick right out of an Immortal Warrior holovid.[3]

As of 3077 Fulton was expected to fight a match against a Berserker.[3]


Richard Fulton's combat skills were considered limited.[3]


Richard Fulton has piloted all his Solaris life a Juggernaut and during his Noisiel years a JG-R9TX1 Juggernaut "Leapin' Lil".[3]


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