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Rifkin Amaris

Rifkin Amaris
Born 27??
Died 2782
Affiliation House Amaris
Parents Petter Amaris (father)

One of Stefan Amaris's closest cousins, Senior General Rifkin Amaris (born 27?? – died 2782) is best known as the project lead on the Matar super-heavy BattleMech.[1]


Son of Petter Amaris, younger brother of Cynthia Amaris, Rifkin grew to prominence as a Rim Worlds Republic BattleMech designer in the wake of Operation APOTHEOSIS thanks to his ardant support for his cousin Stefan. [2]

The Matar - Amaris' FollyEdit

As the Star League Defense Forces advanced further and further into the Terran Hegemony during Operation CHIEFTAIN, a paranoid Emperor Stefan Amaris instigated increasingly desperate weapon development programs frantically searching for a "miracle weapon" to turn the tide of the war. Among the most well-known of these was the Matar, a last-gasp attempt to create a super-heavy static defense BattleMech capable of defeating an entire company of normal 'Mechs on its own. Rifkin was selected by his cousin to spearhead the development of the 110-ton Matar, though Emperor Amaris would also frequently intercede as well. Both Amarises focused on immense firepower and defenses over speed, Rifkin including a Guardian ECM suite for fear of NARC Missile Beacon pods making the expected to be slow-moving Matar easy prey for SLDF LRMs, neither considering if the technology to produce leg actuators strong enough to support such a heavy BattleMech could be developed at all.[1][2]

As Kerensky's troops drew ever closer to Terra and three separate teams of engineers were unable to make the Matar walk, Rifkin joined Emperor Amaris in accusing and executing the hapless engineers of "treasonous incompetence" for their inability to do the impossible. The flawed project scrapped as Kerensky's noose around the Amaris Empire tightened, Rifkin Amaris adopted an assumed name and attempted to flee Terra with the specifications for the Matar, however the SLDF discovered the deception and were able to apprehend and arrest him.[1][2]

Death and LegacyEdit

As one of Stefan Amaris' closest confidants, Rifkin Amaris was among the thirty-seven "Major Criminals" sought for prosecution at the Geneva War Trials in the summer of 2781, charged with genocide, war crimes, crimes against the Star League, and crimes against humanity. Due to his relatively minor role in the fighting, Rifkin was found guilty of only some of these charges and was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment rather than execution by hanging. This lenient sentence was at best a postponement, as Amaris served only eleven months before he was lynched by his fellow prisoners.[2] [3]

However, Rifkin Amaris' failed design would live on. The SLDF retained the specifications for the monstrosity, with their descendants the Clans eventually taking another look at the Matar. Ultimately Clan Smoke Jaguar would rework the design to become the 100-ton Stone Rhino.[1]


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