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This article is about the scenario pack. For other uses, see Ronin (disambiguation).
Emblem-important.svg Apocryphal Product
Although it is an official BattleTech product, the subject of this article does not meet the current criteria for Canon for the BattleTech universe.
See the article's section on Canonicity for details.

Product information
Type Scenario pack
Author Hartwig Nieder-Gassel
Primary writing Hartwig Nieder-Gassel
Michael Immig
Frank Werschke
Frank Lenzer
Thomas Brendel
Guido Günther
Pages 64
Cover artwork Bruce Jensen
Interior artwork Hartwig Nieder-Gassel
Publication information
Publisher Fantasy Productions GmbH
Product code 10929
First published 1996
ISBN-10 3890649297
ISBN-13 978-3890649290
MSRP 24,80 DM, 23,- SFr, 180 ÖS
Era Succession Wars era
Timeline 02 May - 30 August 3034

Ronin! (title suffix: Szenarioband - 3034 A.D.) is an original German publication by Fantasy Productions GmbH, the publisher of the German line of BattleTech products. The title is sometimes alternatively given as Die Roninkriege ("The Ronin Wars") in listings, including the publisher's own product list on page 3.

The book provides background information and scenarios in the fashion of other scenario packs for its setting, in this case the Ronin Wars.

The cover re-uses the picture previously used for the Wolf Pack novel, but the Wolf's Dragoons crest on the left leg of the Archer in the foreground was removed. The rich interior artwork is original art by Hartwig Nieder-Gassel and depicts scenes from the scenarios for the greater part. Many of these pictures include unseen BattleMechs (as does the cover artwork).

From the back cover (translated from German)Edit

The Inner Sphere, 3034
A new state 
On 13 March 3034 Prince Haakon Magnusson announced the formation of the "Free Rasalhague Republic". The new government unites former worlds of the Federated Commonwealth and the Draconis Combine under one umbrella, and serves as a buffer state between these two intransigent enemies.
A new war 
Not all military units of House Kurita are prepared to hand over the border worlds of the Draconis Combine, which they have fought hard to defend, to the new state without a fight. Uprisings shake numerous planets, and suddenly the future of the nascent Republic appears to be anything but safe.
A new job 
Your mercenary unit of battle hardened Warriors and steelwrought war machines could tip the scales on many contested worlds; the Rasalhague government has made a lucrative offer. Will you accept the challenge?

BattleTech 1996:

A new scenario book 
Experience some of the deciding battles that were fought between the defenders of the new Republic on one side and the insurgent troops of the Draconis Combine on the other that became known as the Ronin Wars through altogether 12 scenarios.
A new concept 
  • Detailed explanations of the course of the fighting that lasted for almost two years gives you an overview over the entire conflict.
  • Using the enclosed color cut-outs (including a Union DropShip!) you can vary your old familiar maps in an entirely new way.
  • Tips and gaming ideas throughout the book allow to create additional scenarios or even include the MechWarrior RPG in the storyline.
A new experience 
Unlike the BattleTech scenario books you have seen before, here you have the fascinating opportunity to play all twelve Ronin! scenarios presented herein as a single continual boardgame campaign with your own BattleMech company. Detailed tips and descriptions of this special campaign play will give you a memorable BattleTech experience.


Although an official product and created under a valid license (FanPro would even hold the full rights to BattleTech, including US publications, from 2001 to 2006), Ronin! does not meet the current criteria for canon because it was never published in english.

However, it was used as a basis for the much shorter coverage of the Ronin Wars in Historical: Brush Wars sourcebook which is fully canonical and thus canonized much of the original information from Ronin!, namely the general events and locations described in the campaigns, the pre-fabricated Kiudo garrison base and the Cameron's Legion mercenary unit. The canonicity status of the many details that were not explicitly repeated in Brush Wars (such as many trivia about the Ronin Wars, maps of the worlds involved, names and numbers of participating military units or the exact layout of a Kiudo fortress) remains unclear.

Some content was altered (possibly inadvertently); for example, according to Brush Wars the 1st Tyr company commander in the last campaign reportedly was one Löjtnant Kristof Martens, piloting a Charger, whereas Ronin! describes him as Löjtnant Niels Martens, piloting a Centurion.

Spelling and NamesEdit

As with other German products prior to 1997 spelling and names (especially places and units) as well as most abbreviations were regularly adjusted. For instance the 'Mech unit Archer was renamed to Schütze, the planet Gotterdammerung was re-spelled to Götterdämmerung, the DCMS (Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery) became VSDK (Vereinigte Streitkräfte des Draconis Kombinats), and so on.


Ronin! is a scenario book set in and expanding on the Ronin Wars. An introductory section details campaign rules and how to play through the book's scenarios, and a history section explains the reasons behind the Ronin Wars, the motivations for certain units to refuse orders and also the historical course of the conflicts.

For certain installations, units or terrain features used in the scenarios, black-and-white counters are printed on the last page. Players are encouraged to photocopy that page and cut out the counters. The page contains wall elements and gun towers for the Kiudo fortress, four "power assembly" counters, four "damaged power assembly" counters, and one counter each for representing "rubble", "fusion reactor", "breakthrough" and "turret locked". In addition, a loose cardboard sheet was included in the book that had colored cut-out counters for six blue Flechtenbäume type wood hexes ("Lichen-trees", a native growth from Predlitz), six AA gun/flak emplacements, a two-hex HPG station (notable for being a two-hex building with different height levels: elevation 1 in one hex and elevation 2 in the other) and a seven-hex Union-class DropShip.

Three campaigns of interconnected scenarios are presented, with the results of each scenario affecting subsequent scenarios. Players have the option to play forces that historically fought these battles, but are encouraged to use their own company-sized BattleMech unit instead for a campaign game.

Each campaign has a detailed introduction explaining the role of this particular world within the Ronin Wars and the nature of the local conflict (written from an omniscient perspective), and each scenario has an additional background section, introductory piece of fiction and after-action report on the historical outcome.

First campaign: BrubenEdit

On Bruben, Chu-sa Miato Kekkonen announced that the local DCMS garrison, consisting of the the 937th tank regiment and the 3592nd infantry regiment, would be disbanded and moved off-world with the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic. Erik Davidson, the new military governor of Bruben (and previously the local Tyr resistance leader for many years) hires the Camerons Legion mercenary unit to provide security and oversee the removal of the old garrison.

Scenario 1: Banzai!Edit

Bruben, 2 May 3034
Background information 
The old Chu-sa of the DCMS garrison on Bruben died, seven days before the approaching DCMS DropShip makes planetfall to pick up the last garrison troops. His successor assured the government that all will proceed as planned, but ComStar Demi-Precentor Corvin Mantyrius has asked Erik Davidson to divert some troops to guard the HPG compound. Following suit, the inexperienced new military governor issues orders to dispatch the mercenary unit's light lance to guard the HPG, together with some militia.
As he approaches the HPG compound from the lakeside in his hovercraft, Tai-i Marcus Hirimatsu ponders his treachery and how he and the other officers killed Chu-sa Kekkonen to become Ronin. His emotions equally dampened and elated by TekkRokk music, he again experiences death-wish feelings at the beginning of the battle reminiscent of those he had when he survived the destruction of his unit by Lyran Aerospace Fighters on Kirchbach.
Ronin hovertanks (four Condors and Maxims each), carrying two laser rifle platoons, attempt to occupy the HPG compound without damaging it. Camerons Legion's light lance, consisting of a Valkyrie, two Jenners and a Stinger supported by a militia Ontos and three Bulldog tanks, defend the compound. ComStar has one assault rifle platoon's worth of guards.
An after-action report from Demi-Precentor Mantyrius reveals that a warning by Precentor Zilya Armanowitscha of Rasalhague had allowed Mantyrius to prepare for a possible Ronin attack. He stresses that the guards platoon was insufficient and that only the presence of the mercenaries prevented the desecration of the station by unbelievers.

Scenario 2: Drache im SchafspelzEdit

(Dragon in Sheep's Clothing) - Bruben, 2 May 3034
Background information 
Ronin leader Marcus Kurita was fully aware of the role that ComStar had played in the formation of the Free Rasalhague Republic and did not hesitate to declare their installations military targets with the intention to capture them intact. This would allow the rebels to maintain communication even against ComStar's wishes, and they also hoped it would disrupt the cordial relationship between ComStar and Theodore Kurita. Hence the first attacks on many planets were aimed at the HPGs, and most were successfully seized. While this led to surprisingly few casualties and no installation was damaged, Primus Waterly later used these events to justify a re-arming of ComStar against internal resistance.

Sho-sa Ito Hanaka, the late Chu-sa Kekkonen's successor, requested and was granted permission to parade his withdrawing DCMS garrison forces through the center of the planetary capital, Nystaad, on their way to the starport. It is obviously a bad idea (to be blamed on the military governor's lack of experience) to allow heavily armed troops to parade through a city full of hostile civilians; the remaining elements of Camerons Legion minus the light lance that was sent to the outlying HPG station are ordered to escort the parade.

A decidedly unhappy Colonel Thomas Cameron watches the parade from the cockpit of his Warhammer; he can see the DropShip waiting to pick up the garrison troops at the starport. Just as the protests begin to turn into a riot Cameron receives a scrambled message from his troops at the HPG, half drowned in ECM noise. Realizing that his worst suspicions are coming true, he orders his troops to power up for a fight while a Demolisher's twin guns swing in on him.
In a concerted action, and simultaneously with the attack on the HPG (scenario 1), the parading garrison troops open fire on the mercenaries and militia troops. The parade train consists of four Demolishers, four Schreks, and altogether six platoons of motorized infantry, half of them with MGs and the other half with SRMs. The Union-class DropShip deploys a 'Mech lance in support of the Ronin attack, consisting of a Shadow Hawk, a Wolverine, a Hunchback and a Whitworth. Camerons Legion is present with their Alpha (Warhammer, Marauder, Grasshopper, Zeus) and Beta (Hunchback, Assassin, Griffin, Wolverine) lances, and the Bruben militia supports them with two Rommel tanks and four platoons of motorized rifle infantry.
The fighting amid the amassed protesters in the middle of Nystaad caused massive damage, but had no clear winner. The DropShip withdrew into space at some point with what remained of its 'Mech lance. 493 civilians were killed, including more than 100 children who died when the defending mercenary Marauder piloted by Ron Dexter destroyed a school building during combat. May 2 became a memorial day on Bruben for the "Nystaad Massacre".

Optional RPG scenario: Der Schwarze Mann geht umEdit

(Bogeyman on the loose)

In preparation for the attacks of 2 May, the Ronin DEST assassin who killed Chu-sa Kekkonen attempts to kill the mercenary unit's leader at their HQ in the militia barracks. If the assassin is captured alive, the players might uncover and solve the murder case of Sho-sa Kekkonen. In any case, they might uncover a plot to assassinate Erik Davidson during a reception at the city hall on 4 May and possibly even thwart the plan. Davidson survives in any case, as he continues to issue orders to the mercenaries.

Possible additional scenario: ComStar HPG-Station, Die ZweiteEdit

(ComStar HPG Station, Take two)

If the Ronin forces managed to occupy the HPG compound in the first scenario, the players can try to retake the compound. Both sides may commit any and all of their forces, but any lost units will obviously not be available in the next scenario. The players may commit the four motorized infantry platoons here already which they are given for scenario 3, but these platoons, too, will not replenish losses between scenarios.

Scenario 3: AufräumkommandoEdit

(Mop-up squad) - Bruben, 15 June 3034
Background information 
The Ronin forces have retreated into a Kiudo fortress 20 kilometers south of Nystaad. They claim that their continued presence on Bruben is necessary to protect the Asian population from transgressions by the population of Scandinavian descent, and by now such transgressions are in fact taking place. Many civilians with Asian features had to flee to the relative safety of the Ronin fort. The damage incurred from the fighting in Nystaad's city center has soured relations between the mercenaries and the government, and the mercenaries now must take the fortress while under strict orders to avoid civilian casualties at all cost.
In preparation for the upcoming assault on a heavily fortified enemy position, Löjtnant Sven Gunnarson examines the Kiudo fortress through his binoculars, then mounts his Yamaha Milcountry to ride into battle...
The entire mercenary company (minus losses from the previous scenarios), reinforced with four motorized laser platoons, attacks the Ronin Kiudo fortress that is defended by four Galleons and four rifle platoons; the defenders may have additional forces from previous scenarios. Unless they could be convinced to leave, four "platoons" of civilians are also present in the fortress (following special rules) and must not be harmed.
In a first-semester lecture at the Nagelring Academy in 3038 the teacher tells his class about how a mixed unit of mercenaries and militia had to storm a weakly defended Kiudo fortress on Bruben during the Ronin Wars, hampered by civilians who were to be spared. In the end, the attackers succeeded without hurting a single civilian, but it cost them all but four of their 'Mechs.

Optional RPG scenario: VerhandlungsbasisEdit

(Basis for negotiation)

If the mercenaries seek to negotiate with the Ronin dug in at the Kiudo fort, Chu-sa Hanaka will arrange a meeting but insist that Mejin Watanabe, spokeswoman for the civilians, is included in the talks as well. Hanaka is basically prepared to bring the civilians out of the line of fire, but he demands guarantees that the asian population will be protected—something the mercenaries cannot possibly guarantee. Watanabe, on the other hand, does not want to abandon the fortress as it is the last refuge of her people on a hostile world. Ultimately, the players might be able to convince the civilians to leave the fortress before it comes under attack.

Possible additional scenario: Wir kommen wieder!Edit

(We'll be back!)

If the players fail to overcome the fortress, they may try again as often as they wish, until the defenders are subdued. Depending on the outcome of the previous scenarios, the repair rules may favor one side or the other in-between such attacks. The Ronin can repair armor damage, but cannot replenish ammunition or personnel.

Second campaign: PredlitzEdit

After the surprising fall of Radstadt to the Tyr Regiment in the Fourth Succession War the regional administration center had been moved to the city of Stalholm on Predlitz, in part because of the world's unwavering loyalty to the Draconis Combine. The creation of the Free Rasalhague Republic was a shock to the loyal citizens of Predlitz, amplified by the arrival of the rebellious old district administration who had fled Rasalhague following the murder of Warlord Ivan Sorenson before the Free Rasalhague Republic had even been declared. Then Marcus Kurita appeared to fill the power vacuum in the rebel ranks, but he too was murdered. The weak Ronin hold over the planetary administration eroded away, and on June 2 the notorious Tyr Regiment landed on Predlitz to eradicate this center of resistance against the new republic. War had come to Predlitz for the first time. A stalemate evolved that was finally tilted against the Ronin when a new 'Mech company (3rd Company, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Sword of Light Regiment—The Steel Dragon) arrived in late July 3034. Once planetside, they were put under the command of General Christian Månsdottir of the Tyr regiment.

Scenario 4 (AstroTech): Ein heisser Empfang IEdit

(A hot welcoming) - Predlitz, 28 July 3034
Background information 
The Draconis Combine maintained a fighter base at the mining colony on the moon of Predlitz, Krakau, which reportedly joined the Ronin traitors. They have now established aerospace superiority in the system and loyalist reinforcements have to break through.
A specialist operating the long-range sensors reports to Chu-i Tanaka that the Combine has sent House troops to deal with the Ronin. Tanaka, realizing that he will have to fight his own former brothers-in-arms when the ship arrives in two days, wonders if he did the right thing in joining the Ronin.
In order to make planetfall on Predlitz, the Union-class DropShip Osaka, escorted by its two Transit aerospace fighters, must push past the (former) 628th Fighter Group which consists of two Sholagars, two Shilones and two Slayers, and deploy its company of 'Mechs. (AstroTech scenario)
In his 3036 book "The Ronin Wars", Dr. B. Banzai recounts how the approaching DropShip destroyed both Sholagars, cowing the other fighters enough to achieve a breakthrough to the surface of Predlitz.

Scenario 5: Ein heisser Empfang IIEdit

Predlitz, 28 July 3034
Background information 
Two heavy Ronin lances have broken through the starport's defenses to intercept the newly arrived reinforcements. Bent on destroying the DropShip, they attack the Osaka as it is unloading its 'Mechs. Opposing them is the Osaka with her fighters and 'Mechs.
Tai-i Sokura anxiously awaits the moment when the DropShip will finally release his 'Mech. It turns out to be a bumpy ride. In the Fourth Succession War, Sokura had fought (and lost) on Kirchbach and Liezen together with Tanaka and his fighter squadron.
Two Thunderbolts, a Catapult, a Dragon, a Marauder, a Crusader, a BattleMaster and an Atlas (all with combat damage from their breakthrough), together with fighter support from two Shilones and two Slayers, face off against the DropShip, its fighter complement (two Transit) and the Sword of Light company (Locust, two Stingers, Jenner, Griffin, Shadow Hawk, Hunchback, Whitworth, Warhammer, Rifleman, Thunderbolt, Victor).
Dr. Banzai's book continues to recount how bombing runs from the Ronin fighters heavily damaged the Osaka on the ground, destroying the bridge in the doomed DropShip's upper pole cap. General Månsdottir then ordered the 'Mechs to withdraw from the starport.

Scenario 6: Heimlich, still und leiseEdit

(On the quiet) - Predlitz, 5 August 3034
Background information 
The rebels have been pushed back into their fortified positions in the Shiro mountains. While the heavy and assault class 'Mechs of the Tyr regiment prepare to storm the enemy position, the Steel Dragon unit and especially its light elements are used to encircle the enemy position to take out their rearward artillery positions concurrently with the main attack.
"Späher-5", a Warrior H-7 helicopter in the blue and yellow camo pattern for Predlitz, sweeps the outskirts of the Shiro mountains. It spots two metallic masses and moves in to investigate.
This scenario is a mini-campaign. The attacking forces must search a strategic map to find the artillery positions. Strategic movement yields random encounters with defending Ronin forces (including Guardian aircraft, Packrats, Swift Winds, Darters, Warrior helicopters, Tracked APCs, or Wasps). Many small skirmishes of forward scout forces can occur.
A recon report from the 8th Rasalhague Regiment from 14:35 hours local time (25 minutes before the attack on the Ronin forces) reports the loss of Späher-5. No rescue operation can be started as all forces are committed elsewhere, but the Ronin forces deem the encounter inconsequential because an attack is expected shortly anyways.

Optional scenario: Die PfadfinderEdit

(The boy scouts)

(Optional rules for the mini-campaign where the players may use forward scout elements.)

Scenario 7: Alte BekannteEdit

(Old Acquaintances) - Predlitz, 5 August 3034
Background information 
Being declared 'Ronin' caused many renegade troops to stand down immediately, and many more surrendered without a shot being fired when military forces were brought in to confront them. Only 19 units had to be vanquished in the field, where they fought until they were utterly obliterated as they had nowhere left to go and fought with their backs against the wall.

Four Ronin Long Tom guns have been pinpointed and marked for destruction on Predlitz as part of the final push against the rebel position. It is hoped that the loss of artillery support will demoralize the defenders and perhaps cut short their last stand.

(A MechWarrior's train of thoughts as he finds a Mobile Long Tom unit and destroys it with his AC/20, only to suddenly find himself running from a defending Atlas...)
The remaining units of the Steel Dragon company have to destroy four Mobile Long Tom units which are guarded by two Thunderbolts, a Marauder, a Crusader, a BattleMaster, and an Atlas.
Dr. Banzai's book further recounts how the Steel Dragon company successfully destroyed the artillery and how the Ronin were overrun in a three-hour battle. Some lead elements under Sho-sho Sven Johannsen, however, managed to withdraw deeper into the Shiro mountains.

Possible additional scenario: Die Schlacht in den Shiro-HügelnEdit

(The battle in the Shiro Hills)

Fresh from the previous battle the Steel Dragon company squares off against the light company of the Sun Zhang Academy Cadre as described in Scenario 8. This gives the players an additional opportunity to damage the enemy 'Mechs before encountering them again in Scenario 8.

Scenario 8: Old McDonald had a farmEdit

Predlitz, 7 August 3034
Background information 
The Ronin Wars were not considered true civil wars, because the civilian population hardly took part in the conflicts. Still, the civilian population had to suffer the consequences of the fighting among the split military.

With orders to pursue the retreating Ronin officers deeper into the Shiro mountains, the Steel Dragon company and elements of the Tyr regiment clash with Ronin forces near a farmstead.

Farmer Gregory McDonald is relieved that the twenty-three passing 'Mechs have ignored his farm building and only devastated his fields of Skandia-Wheat. Then his eight-year-old daughter fires a rifle at a Stinger, and the 'Mech just prepares to respond when it is suddenly driven off by low-flying jets.
The remaining elements of the Steel Dragon company (having lost a Locust, Stinger, Whitworth, Shadow Hawk and Warhammer), together with a detachment from the Tyr regiment (two Hunchbacks, two Trebuchets, a Catapult, two Thunderbolts, an Orion, two Riflemans, a Dragon, and a Charger supported by a Transit aerospace fighter and a rifle platoon of workers from McDonald's farm face off against the remaining elements of former 8th Rasalhague Regiment (two Griffins, Hunchback, Trebuchet, Rifleman, Thunderbolt, Crusader, Ostroc, BattleMaster, Cyclops, Stalker, Zeus) and the 12th Sun Zhang Academy Cadre (two Locusts, Wasp, Stinger, two Jenners, two Panthers, Vulcan, Wolverine, Scorpion, Trebuchet; Sholagar, Slayer).
Överste-Löjtnant Malte Norköpping reports after the battle that the rebels sacrificed their lighter units in order to allow their heaviest units to escape the battlefield, pursued by the Steel Dragon company.

Optional RPG scenario: GipfelstürmerEdit


While their 'Mechs are being repaired for the next scenario in the aftermath of the battle in the Shiro mountains, an assignment to reconnoiter the retreating enemy brings the players in close contact with the local alien flora and fauna as well as enemy infantry.

Scenario 9: FlüchtlingeEdit

(Fugitives) - Predlitz, 7 August 3034
Background information 
Without a chance to repair or rearm after the previous battle, the Steel Dragon company must pursue the retreating Ronin who are suspected to be heading towards a DropShip hidden in the mountains.
Tai-i Sokura, bitter and exhausted, reflects on how the "old ones" who fought with him in the last war are now fighting each other in this uprising. He destroys an enemy Vulcan with his Victor, then sees the enemy DropShip depart and begins to weep in frustration.
The weakened Steel Dragon company (Jenner, Griffin, Hunchback, Rifleman, Thunderbolt, Victor, all damaged) pursues the retreating Ronin forces (Trebuchet, Vulcan, Ostroc, BattleMaster, Cyclops, Stalker, Zeus, all damaged) right to the DropShip. The Ronin attempt to board the ship with at least their assault 'Mechs which are piloted by the Ronin commanders.
On 10 August, military governor Mies Koshinsky announces that the last Ronin forces on Predlitz have laid down their arms, while some have escaped to the moon base.

Optional RPG scenario: Das Mond-KomplottEdit

(The moon conspiracy)

Among the last active Ronin forces that have to be rounded up on Predlitz is a Mobile HQ. Players who manage to capture it intact may learn of the Ronin plans for Krakau well in advance.

Possible additional scenario: Um jeden PreisEdit

(At any cost)

Players may attempt to pursue the retreating Ronin DropShip with their aerospace fighters. The concept mirrors the breakthrough scenario 4.

Third campaign: KrakauEdit

The moon of Predlitz was once a Draconis Combine penal colony known as "Camp 97". It was disbanded in the early 27nd century when Ceres Metals erected a major mining colony on this moon to help with the development of the world of Engadin two jumps away. The workers named the moon Krakau in memory of an industrial center of their forefathers' ancestral homeland. The First Succession War brought ore production to a sudden halt; a Lyran WarShip then dropped an atomic bomb on the capital of Neuwarschau (New Warshaw) and the mining operation was abandoned altogether. Under Hohiro Kurita I, the DCMS reactivated Krakau's gigantic fusion reactor and resumed a small mining operation just before the beginning of the fourth millennium. They also built a small aerospace fighter base to protect the installation which was now run by the military. By the end of August 3034 the Ronin forces from Predlitz had retreated to Krakau. Just when the Tyr regiment had left the system, the Ronin sent a radio message and demanded the Free Rasalhague Republic to abandon the world within a month. If their demands were not met they threatened to destroy the moon by means of the huge fusion core, thereby also destroying Predlitz in the process.

In this campaign, the players are again encouraged to substitute their own mercenary company for the historical 3rd company, 2nd Drakøns who was sent to assault the Ronin on Krakau. The moon has only 0.78g and special movement rules apply for the duration of the campaign.

Scenario 10: NeumondEdit

(New Moon) - Predlitz, 30 August 3034
Background information 
Governor Koshinsky orders an assault to prevent the criminals from blowing up the reactor at the Czestochowa mining colony on Krakau. Nobody is really sure what happens if the reactor is blown up, but it may actually be capable of launching the entire moon or at least large chunks of it into the world of Predlitz.
Chu-i Kimura eagerly awaits the enemy 'Mechs while watching gun towers peppering the descending DropShip with LRMs. Finally he launches his Ostroc out of its hiding place in a crater to confront the approaching enemy.
3rd company, 2nd Drakøns (three Trebuchets, two Shadow Hawks, two Phoenix Hawks, a Centurion, two Whitworths, a JagerMech and a Quickdraw) must disembark from their Union-class DropShip to seize the starport which is defended by six bunkers, a Trebuchet, an Ostroc and four Schrek tanks (modified for vacuum operations by removing one PPC).
Local news on Predlitz report that the landing succeeded, although the DropShip was heavily damaged.

Scenario 11: VollmondEdit

(Full Moon) - Predlitz, 30 August 3034
Background information 
The Ronin have reportedly concentrated their forces in the central cavern of Czestochowas to make use of the stores and workshops there. The attackers must penetrate into the caverns and "push the red button" to close the cavern doors in an attempt to trap the defenders and prevent them from reaching the reactor. The use of ejection systems is impossible in the tunnels, adding to the overall anxiety.
Löjtnant Martens cautiously moves his Centurion through the treacherous tunnels in the low gravity, and begins to experience claustrophobia.
The Drakøns company (now short one Trebuchet and one Shadow Hawk) must reach the control room and disembark one MechWarrior to close the cavern gate before one of the Ronin commanders can escape. Besides their command lance of assault 'Mechs (BattleMaster, Cyclops, Stalker, and Zeus) the defenders include five platoons each of laser and assault rifle infantry (guards from the fighter base) and the remains of the 731st tank regiment—three Vedettes and two Hunters. Transport belts provide special movement rules above or below the cavern floors for the infantry.
An excerpt from the 2nd Drakøns' regimental history from 3048 recounts how Lt. Niels Martens finally managed to close the doors, but not before two enemy leaders escaped. The remaining forces inside the cavern surrendered.

Optional RPG Scenario: Der Rote KnopfEdit

(The Red Button)

A player-controlled infantry unit can be sent to storm the control room (instead of disembarking a MechWarrior near the repair bay to operate the gate controls). The room is defended by infantry. If this optional scenario is played concurrently with Scenario 11 then the 'Mechs need only hinder the Ronin escape.

Scenario 12: MondfinsternisEdit

(Lunar Eclipse) - Predlitz, 30 August 3034
Background information 
The escaped Ronin must be pursued through the last three levels of the huge subterranean complex, and be disabled before they can reach the reactor.
Sho-sho Sven Johannsen (piloting his BattleMaster) feels that the Dragon has robbed him of his honor. Instead of honorable seppuku all he now wants for himself is a fiery death. The same is true for the Zeus pilot, Tai-sa Yamuke, former commander of the 2nd Battalion of the 8th Rasalhague Regiment and now the last remaining Ronin MechWarrior besides Johannsen.
Having lost two more Trebuchets and a Phoenix Hawk, the pursuers must destroy the last two Ronin 'Mechs in a race against time. The Ronin have destroyed the elevator and their pursuers must find other ways through the dangerous caverns, shooting their way through the outer reactor chamber.
According to Dr. Banzai's book, the destruction of the reactor could ultimately be prevented, although at a high cost. Löjtnant Martens was posthumously decorated for this operation.


If the players fail to prevent the destruction of the reactor, the book describes that only a huge crater remains on the surface of Krakau; this crater is then named after the honorable but ultimately unsuccessful player unit. The blast turns out to be not strong enough to destroy the moon or to harm the world of Predlitz though.