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Rubinsky's Light Horse

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Rubinsky's Light Horse
Unit Profile (as of 3067)
CO Colonel Marko Rubinsky
JumpShips no
DropShips no
Aerospace yes
Armor no
Infantry no


Captain Gregor Rubinsky formed this command during the 3030's with soldiers from Tikonov, New Hessen and Tigress. Their first contract was to provide security to the Earthwerks plant on Tikonov. Later the unit joined ranks with the Khorsakhov's Cossacks. The demi brigade signed a contract with the St. Ives military. The contract was renewed over the next 25 years. During the Capellan wars the regiment suffered heavy losses through an attack with nerve gas on Indicass. After the war, they left the Compact as a separate command from the other Cossacks and signed on to serve the LAAF, who put them on the recently liberated planet Blackjack.

After an intensive training cycle, the time came to prove the lessons learned when the Falcons' Third Swoop Cluster landed in 3069. The battle was fought hard. Each side sent Head Hunters and used other tactics with success. Only the reinforcement of the Falcon side turned the tide of the battle. The mercenaries surrendered Blackjack to the Jade Falcons and lifted off for Lyran space for rest and refit.

On 3079, Rubinsky's Light Horse still garrisoned the border planet Melissia, together with 15th Lyran Regulars, and have less then half of regimental worth[1]

During fighting on Graus in 3080, Uvin Buhallin, the saKhan of clan Jade Falcon, was killed fighting Rubinsky's Light Horse in a flanking attack. Later that same year, Galaxy Commander Diane Anu drove the Horsemen out from the planet in two weeks of fighting.[2]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Rubinsky's Light Horse
Captain Gregor Rubinsky 3030s
Colonel Marko Rubinsky circa 3060[3]-3067[4]


The unit fights using cavalry tactics. Repeated hit-and-fade strikes by their lighter machines are combined with concentrated long-range fire from their heavy elements.


For normal circumstances (other than prolonged campaigns) the technical staff of Horsemen is sufficient.

Composition HistoryEdit


Rubinsky’s Light Horse (1 Regiment/Elite/Reliable)

The unit contains mainly heavies and medium for cavalry combat. Half of the machines are upgraded. The Light Horse has a predominance for Davion-manufactured Phoenix Hawk and Shadow Hawk 'Mechs.
  • Breskin’s Pegasii (1 Wing/Elite/Reliable)
    • Wing Commander: Major Stanislaus Breskin
Over two thirds of the unit has been upgraded.


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