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Ryde Militia

The Ryde Militia was the Lyran Militia unit in charge of the defense of Ryde.

Ryde Militia
Unit Profile (as of 3046)
Parent Formation LCAF


In 3046 the Twelfth Donegal Guards were stationed on Ryde alongside the native Ryde Militia.

To prove his worthiness for House Kurita's Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery, Chu-sa Arik Arlansson (native from what was a that time the Free Rasalhague Republic, though he elected to become a Draconis Combine citizen) has been ordered to lead a battalion of MechWarrior cadets against a target on Ryde, expecting nothing but local militia opposition in accordance with ISF intelligence.

C Company of the 12th Donegal Guards regiment under Hauptmann Dennis Rychert is stationed in the planet's far north on the Lesser Dasentica continent, only some thirty kilometers from the Kurita landing zone. Although the Kurita DropShip lands unnoticed amidst Ryde's volcanic ash clouds, the 'Mechs are detected on their way to the city of Nisibis and the Donegal Guards company, augmented by militia hovertanks, moves to intercept them. The scouting hovertanks are ambushed by a Kurita lance, taking losses, and Leftenant Galen Cox is lured into pursuing the enemy 'Mechs into a canyon where his 'Mech lance is ambushed by the rest of their company. Only the arrival of Hauptmann Rychert's assault lance saves Cox's lance and forces the attackers to retreat. However, a parting shot from a PPC scores a lucky hit that kills Rychert, leaving Cox suddenly in command of the company.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Ryde Militia



Composition HistoryEdit

At least one company of hoover combat vehicles.[1]

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