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Gorilla - Salrilla.jpg
PEX-2F Salrilla
Production information
Manufacturer StarCorp Industries
Equipment Rating
Use Battlefield Salvage
Weight Class Exoskeleton
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost 344,000 C-bills
Introduced 3058
Technical specifications
Mass 400 kg
Top Speed 30 km/h


Armor Type Standard Armor
BV (1.0)  ???
BV (2.0) 7[1]


The PEX-2F Salrilla is an industrial Exoskeleton developed by Star Corp Industries for battlefield salvage details. The suit is based on their successful Gorilla Industrial Suit.

The company developed the suit after seeing private concerns try to use the Gorilla as a battlefield salvage unit with less success. StarCorps took strides to improve the Gorilla for the task, with the result being a more heavily armored and speedier machine with a slight hike in cost over the original.[2][3]

Weapons and EquipmentEdit

While the Salrilla is equipped with Standard and Salvage Arm manipulators, these have modular slots to allow for additional equipment and tools to be changed in and out as needed. The Salrilla retains the Gorilla's body mounted searchlight and cutting torch and is also protected by 100 kilograms of standard armor. The exoskeleton's actuators and motors allow it to reach speeds of approximately 30 km/h, allowing the frame to reach its battlefield salvage objectives in a timely manner and evade potential threats.

The Salrilla has been given the equipment rating of E/X-X-C/D.


  • Mine Clearance 
    Created to clear minefields, this version removes the salvage arm of the Salrilla and is equipped with two basic manipulators optimized for mine clearance. It retains the same performance, cutting torch, searchlight, and armor protection of the Salrilla. BV (2.0) = 7[4]
  • PEX-2B Gorilla 
    The original version of the Salrilla, used for general use.



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