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Samantha Kotare

Samantha Kotare
Died 3059
Affiliation Clan Smoke Jaguar
Profession Star Colonel


Star Colonel Samantha Kotare was the commanding officer of the 6th Striker Cluster between 3058 and 3059 and assigned to the defense of Luzerne.

The planet was attacked by the 208th ComStar Division and the 3rd Davion Guards RCT on 29 June 3059.[1] As they made their landing in the Jeremiah Highlands the Fourth Garrison Cluster along with the Sixth Striker Cluster and Kappa Galaxy Command Trinary engaged them. The Inner Sphere arrayed at that point as the resurrected SLDF were forced to make combat drops and were repelled by the Clan defenders scattering the attackers.[2] The invaders attempted to resupply their forces, but the transports were shot down. Low on supplies elements of the ComGuards and the Davion Guards attacked Old Mesa Commons in an attempt to capture the Jaguar supplies there. The Fourth eventually pushed them back but not before a quantity of supplies had been spirited away.[3] The fighting for the planet was bitter and drawn out, degenerating into three separate sieges as the attackers had been forced back. On 9 July the Fourth attacked the city of Thun on Perot and almost destroyed the defenders base. With the death of Kappa's Galaxy Commander the sieges broke down to low intensity fighting as supplies dwindled. Inner Sphere troops in the Wyrm Lowlands attempted a breakout on 17 July, but were forced back by the Fourth and Sixth Striker Cluster.[4] At this point overall command of the Clan Smoke Jaguar forces passed to Samantha Kotare.

On 1 August 3059 Inner Sphere reinforcement arrived in the form of the Ryuken-Roku, By the 3 August they made an attack towards Thun at the same time the beseiged troops attempted a breakout to link up. The Fourth and the Sixth positioned themselves between the two forces to prevent this. Only a handful of the Thun defenders managed to escape to the Ryuken-Roku lines, but it cost the Fourth heavy casualties.[5] Star Colonel Samantha Kotare of the Sixth Striker was unaware of the situation across the Occupation Zone and saw Luzerne as a lost cause. Wanting to evacuate her best troops to regroup and counter attack she decided to concentrate her forces at the Cameron Plateaux where her DropShips waited. The Ryuken-Roku intercepted her force at the Deadfall Pass. Most of the Fourth fought a savage delaying action to the death allowing just over a Binary of warriors to get to the DropShips, many of which were destroyed as they left the atmosphere.[6]

Samantha Kotare was killed during that defensive action.[7]


She piloted a custome Ebon Jaguar (Cauldron-Born), Ebon Jaguar Samantha.[8]


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