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Sarah McEvedy

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Sarah McEvedy
Sarah McEvedy
Born Unknown
Died 2823
Affiliation Clan Wolverine
Profession Khan of Clan Wolverine
Parents James McEvedy (father)

Sarah McEvedy (born 27?? - died 2823) was the first Khan of Clan Wolverine. After Clan Wolverine was supposedly destroyed in a Trial of Annihilation, it is widely believed McEvedy led the Wolverine survivors to the Inner Sphere to rebuild a new society based on the principles and traditions of the Star League.


Sarah McEvedy is described in January 2801 as being tall, with short brunette hair, pale clear skin, a small mouth and flashing eyes by Andery Kerensky, who regarded her as one of the most striking women he had ever seen.[1]

Personal LifeEdit

Sarah McEvedy was the daughter of SLDF Lieutenant General James McEvedy[2], the last Commanding Officer of the 331st Royal BattleMech Division. Little else is known of her biography, as her personal record among the Clans was expunged along with all mentions of Clan Wolverine and its members. What is known from Star League records is that McEvedy was a highly courageous MechWarrior and well-respected command-level officer within the 331st. She was a firm believer in the morals and principles of the Star League, especially democracy and free thinking, and was a loyal follower of SLDF Commanding General Aleksandr Kerensky and his strong code of honor.

On February 14, 2784, General Kerensky announced his plan for an Exodus to depart the Inner Sphere, calling upon all loyal Star League citizens and SLDF troops to join him in order to continue the legacy of the Star League. Sarah McEvedy, her family and the entire 331st eagerly answered Kerensky's summons and departed for New Samarkand to meet up with Kerensky. On November 5, 2784, Kerensky led his followers into exile.

Clan WolverineEdit

In 2786, the Star League exiles found their new home, the so-called Pentagon Worlds, and began to start their new lives. McEvedy and her family, along with the entire V Corps (including the 331st), colonized Circe.

By 2801, unresolvable differences and discontent among the exiles led to the Exodus Civil War. Nicholas Kerensky, son of Aleksandr, called for a Second Exodus to escape the violence and build yet another society, one that combined socialism with the ideals of the Star League. Nicholas' rhetorical speeches, along with his own and his father's reputation, convinced McEvedy and much of the 331st to join Nicholas.

On the 31st of December 2801, the first clash between two SLDF Divisions to occur during the Pentagon Civil War occurred in Banlan Woods, a region on the Purgatory Peninsula of Eden near the city of Vesta. Among the forces loyal to Nicholas Kerensky involved in the battle was Major Andery Kerensky and the forces directly commanded by him. At the time, Sara McEvedy was a part of the forces attacking the Kerensky loyalists. Out of ammunition and suffering from extensive repairs and a lack of maintenance time, the Exterminator BattleMech piloted by Andery was nearly destroyed by an opposing Highlander BattleMech. Andery was saved at the last moment by a badly damaged Excalibur-class BattleMech from the opposing forces that intervened directly, killing the pilot of the Highlander. As the Highlander was the command 'Mech of the opposing forces, this caused the vanguard of the opposing forces to fall into disarray, giving the loyalists time to disengage, and for the orbiting Aegis-class heavy cruiser SLS Minotaur to cover the retreat of the loyalist forces with an orbital bombardment. Andery subsequently learned that the pilot of the Excalibur who had turned against her commanding officer and in so doing, saved his life and that of his command was, in fact, the then-Captain Sarah McEvedy.[1]

McEvedy befriended Nicholas and his younger brother, Andery. This, along with her own reputation, gave McEvedy enough political clout to be elected as the first Khan of Clan Wolverine when Nicholas announced the founding of the Clans in 2807[3]. McEvedy's loyal soldiers from the 331st, that accompanied her to Strana Mechty, became part of the Clan Wolverine Touman.

In 2821, the Clans commenced Operation KLONDIKE, the invasion and takeover of the Pentagon Worlds. Clan Wolverine was part of the invasion force that retook Circe. The surviving members of V Corps that remained on Circe joined the Wolverine Touman. On Eden, McEvedy's friend Andery Kerensky was killed in action under suspicious circumstances; McEvedy blamed Andery's brother Nicholas for failing to come to Andery's aid.

Khan McEvedy encouraged the members of her Clan to cooperate with each other instead of remaining separate as other Clans practiced. She emphasized developing a strong economic and agricultural base, as well as researching and manufacturing superior military equipment (one such result was the ER PPC), along with superior training for her warriors. As a result, Clan Wolverine became one of the strongest Clans, thus earning the Wolverines much jealousy from other clans.

By 2823, this jealousy had earned the Wolverines fear and hatred from their rivals, particularly Clan Widowmaker. Khan Cal Jorgensson of the Widowmakers approached ilKhan Kerensky and asked him to keep a close eye on Clan Wolverine, particularly the actions of Khan McEvedy, who by that time was notorious in the Grand Council for her vehement opposition against the ilKhan's dictatorial actions. McEvedy was noted for either completely ignoring or publicly criticizing any order from the ilKhan or Grand Council that she believed violated the ideals of the Star League. As Kerensky became more and more suspicious of McEvedy, he ordered the formation of an intelligence agency that answered only to himself: the Watch.

On August 28, 2823, the ilKhan ordered that a Wolverine Brian Cache on Circe that contained equipment formerly belonging to the 331st RBD be shared with one of Clan Wolverine's rivals, Clan Snow Raven. Khan McEvedy strenuously objected to this order as she was strongly opposed to the socialist principles that Nicholas endorsed, starting a heated political debate that lasted until September 30th, when the Grand Council finally decided to resolve the issue by taking a vote. When the final tally was counted, Clan Wolverine had lost; McEvedy protested once again. The Council once again ignored McEvedy's protest, whereupon she called for a Trial of Refusal. On October 7th, Clan Wolverine fought in the Trial and lost. The following day, all hell broke loose.

Quotes from Crossing the LineEdit

Excerpt from Grand Council security tape, uncensored version, October 8, 2823:

Kerensky [ilKhan]: My honorable friend, the Khan from Clan Wolverine, continues to ignore the decisions of this body as verified by the recent Trial. I do not care that the cache is of the 331st Royal Division, her father's command. This body is agreed that the caches are a resource belonging to the Clans as a whole. In the old order, her paternal loyalty would be commended, but this is not the old order. We are the Clans. We stand on our own merits, not those of our ancestors.
Sarah McEvedy [Wolverine]: Except you.
Kerensky [ilKhan]: I beg your pardon?
McEvedy: I said, except you. You seem perfectly happy to bask in your father's achievements. He was a visionary who sought justice and peace for all. You seek control.
Mitchell Loris [Mongoose]: Khan McEvedy, you go too far.
McEvedy: Do I? I know many of you in this chamber found our ilKhan's actions to secure control of the Pentagon population offensive. The Star League did not believe in torture and brutality. Those are the tools of power hungry madmen. Is that what you have become, Nicholas Kerensky? A power hungry madman?
[Raised voices from all parties]
Kerensky: SILENCE! McEvedy, Khan of Clan Wolverine, I, Nicholas Kerensky, ilKhan of the Clans, do call for a Trial of Grievance. By our law, you may...
McEvedy: Hang your laws. Does the truth hurt so much, Nicholas?
Kerensky: Fellow Khans, our colleague is clearly overwrought. I call for a vote of censure. Loremaster Ward, please...
McEvedy: Don't bother, Nicholas. I'll leave. In fact, we'll all leave. Clan Wolverine no longer recognizes the authority of the ilKhan or the Grand Council. From this point forward, we are an independent power. We decide our own fate, fairly and according to the morals and standards of the Star League.
Kerensky: You cannot do this.
McEvedy: I can and I have.
[McEvedy moves to leave.]
Kerensky: Arrest her!
[McEvedy draws her pistol; the Khans and security guards back off. A detachment of Wolverine troops arrives.]
McEvedy: If you want to face us, fine. But we will not hold back. Prepare to reap the whirlwind.
[McEvedy storms out]
Kerensky: My Khans, we face a serious decision...

Trial of AnnihilationEdit

McEvedy immediately departed Strana Mechty and returned to Circe, where saKhan Hallis was overseeing preparations for a Third Exodus, in which Clan Wolverine would return to the Inner Sphere. On October 11, the Grand Council made the fateful decision of declaring a Trial of Annihilation against Clan Wolverine after the Wolverines had destroyed a Snow Raven genetic repository with a tactical nuclear weapon. Clan Wolf won the right to destroy the Wolverines; a month later, the Wolves declared victory after killing Hallis and eliminating all Wolverine holdings and personnel in Clan space.

On January 22, 2824, the Loremaster from Clan Wolf came before the Grand Council to present Clan Wolf's final report on the results of the Trial of Annihilation. The report stated the following facts:

  • 1. All Wolverine front-line warriors encountered were annihilated, including saKhan Franklin Hallis.
  • 2. Most of the Wolverine second-line troops and civilian castes were unaccounted for.
  • 3. Most of the known Wolverine supply caches had been hastily ransacked, presumably by the Wolverines themselves, especially the Brian Cache full of 331st equipment that the ilKhan had ordered be shared with the Snow Ravens.
  • 4. Most disturbingly, Khan Sarah McEvedy was missing; whereabouts unknown.

The Council concluded that these discrepancies were due to bad record-keeping, but suspected that McEvedy had managed to escape along with much of Clan Wolverine, most likely to the Inner Sphere. To this day, Sarah McEvedy's fate remains unknown.


Preceded by
Khan of Clan Wolverine

Succeeded by
Franklin Hallis[4]


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