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Scorched Earth

Emblem-important.svg Apocryphal Product
Although it is an official BattleTech product, the subject of this article does not meet the current criteria for Canon for the BattleTech universe.
See the article's section on Canonicity for details.

Scorched Earth WWE 2017 (TW & AS) cover.JPG
Scorched Earth (World Wide Event 2017)
Product information
Type Scenario (PDF)
Development Alex Kaempen
Primary writing Alex Kaempen
Will Pennington
William Gauthier
Craig A. Reed, Jr.
Pages 20 (boardgame scenario)
41 (RPG scenario)
Cover artwork Ed Cox (Cover)
Karl Waller
Joel Biske (Coloring)
Raymond Arrastia (Design)
Interior artwork Klaus Scherwinski
Duane Loose (Talon art)
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Demo Team
Product code n/a
First published 2017
Era Clan Invasion era
Timeline 22-25 July 3050

Scorched Earth was a World Wide Event created by the Catalyst Demo Team. It consisted of boardgame and roleplaying scenarios that were played out in a worldwide series of events under the supervision of the Agents during the Summer of 2017. The scenario packs were subsequently made available for free download in PDF format, as two separate files. One file covered classic BattleTech (boardgame) and Alpha Strike scenarios while the other covered the accompanying roleplaying scenario for the A Time of War ruleset.

This is was first World Wide Scenario produced for Battletech since Operation Kabutomushi in 2008 ("Historical Events" in the following years notwithstanding).

Scorched Earth RPG scenario book


Project developer (and Catalyst Agent) Alex "GreyWolfActual" Kaempen explicitly confirmed that, despite featuring the Catalyst Game Labs and Topps, Inc. ("Under License From") logos,

"Catalyst did not endorse this project nor were they ever asked to do so. They had no hand in creating, promoting, or distributing it. This was done, 100%, by the Demo Team with no expectations, whatsoever, that this would be canon. All the work you see put into it was done by volunteers, either demo team members or red/yellow/green beemers who volunteered to work on this outside of any official capacity with Catalyst."[1]

Through the Catalyst Demo Team, they have an outside claim to being apocryphal at best and in any case do not fall under the current definition of Canon for the BattleTech universe.


The scenarios depict the invasion of the Free Rasalhague Republic world of New Oslo in July 3050 during the Clan Invasion, pitting the FFR's New Oslo Militia and the GKT Volunteer Regiment against elements of Epsilon Galaxy (Clan Wolf) in a fight over the site of the Gorton, Kingsley & Thorpe (GKT) Enterprises factory complex, specifically the city of Lilihammer, gateway to the Ringsaker valley and the GKT factory. Under snowy weather conditions, the FRR forces attempt to buy time for their technicians to disassemble (or scuttle) the factory before Clan Wolf can seize this prize.


Boardgame scenario bookEdit

The first scenario was written for regular BattleTech boardgame play, the second for Alpha Strike.

  • Frozen Aspiration, short story by William Gauthier [Free Rasalhague Republic point of view.]
  • Old Wolves, short story by Craig A. Reed, Jr [Clan Wolf point of view]
  • Preface and 2017 World Wide Event results table
    July 22nd 3050 - New Oslo Militia vs Clan Wolf
    • Scenario Specifics and Conditions
    • Notable Personalities
  • Record Sheet: TLN-5VNO Talon
    Ringsaker Valley 
    July 25th 3050 - GKT Volunteer Regiment Vs Clan Wolf
    • Scenario Specifics and Conditions
    • Notable Personalities
  • Clan Wolf Force Table

RPG scenario bookEdit

The roleplaying game component (written for A Time of War) includes several encounters a Game Master can run their players through. The scenario can be run from either the perspective of the Free Rasalhague Republic or Clan Wolf. Included with this PDF is a number of character & non-player character templates already filled out for the Game Master's use.

  • Frozen Aspiration, short story by William Gauthier [Free Rasalhague Republic point of view.]
  • Old Wolves, short story by Craig A. Reed, Jr [Clan Wolf point of view]
  • Preface and 2017 World Wide Event results table
  • Summary of the Adventure
  • Game Master Notes


Encounter 1
New Orders
Encounter 2
A Slight Detour
Encounter 3
Watch Your Step
Encounter 4
Victim of War (Includes stats for Refugee character)
Encounter 5
Friendly Fire isn't Friendly
Encounter 6
I know a Short Cut!
Encounter 7
End of the Road (Includes RPG Map of Supply & Logistic Center, Generic ATOW NPC Character Template for both FFR Soldier and Clan Wolf Soldier)
  • Aftermath
  • Encounter Action Effects

Character Record SheetsEdit

  • FFR Combat Engineer
  • FFR Heavy Weapons Soldier
  • FFR Combat Medic
  • FFR Scout
  • FFR Special Forces
  • Clan Wolf Elemental
  • Clan Wolf Technician
  • Clan Wolf Infantry
  • Clan Wolf Bondsman (formerly of Clan Jade Falcon)


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  1. In this posting on the official BattleTech forum