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Shakir Jerrar

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Shakir Jerrar
Born 3011
Affiliation House Jerrar
House Fusilli
Director of the Internal Security Force
Siblings Toma Fusilli (Adoptive)
Spouse Kikiyra Jerrar
Children Jamal Fusilli (Adoptive)

Shakir Jerrar (Born 3011[1] - Died 3???), is a thirty-first century Draconis Combine MechWarrior, Spy, and later Director of Internal Security Force for the Draconis Combine.

Character DescriptionEdit

Shakir was known for his strong affiliation to Combine's philosophies of bushido. However, he had a sharp tongue and posed a scabrous wit in his youth. Physically has dark skin and is noted for shaving his head of hair.[2][3]


Early LifeEdit

Orphaned after a raid against the world he was living on. He was adopted by the prominent Fusilli family. He was raised with his adopted brother, Toma, with whom he had a close bond. He grew up with a strong sense of honor and dedication to the Combine.[4]

Early Military & Special Forces CareerEdit

Sorenson's SabresEdit

At Age of 38 in 3049

Shakir joined the DCMS at early age after graduating and becoming a MechWarrior. He was first assigned to the 1st Proserpina Hussars, but he soon began to criticize the regiment's leading officers. After his tour with the Hussars ended, he was transferred to the Legions of Vega brigade as Lance Commander.

While with the Legion, despite the "dishonor" of serving with them, he kept his bushido ways and showed to be loyal to Combine. ISF officials assigned to the Legion, satisfied with his loyalty, recruited him into the ISF's Metsuke branch as an informer.

With his first assignment with ISF, Jerrar transferred to Sorenson's Sabres. His assigment was to report on the loyalties of the unit's commander, the Rasalhague native, Tai-i Daniel Sorenson and his troops. Jerrar developed a strong friendship with Sorenson and fit well with the unit's personalities. From 3048-3049, he participated in the Sabres' FedCom border campaign, where his customized Hunchback was put to good use. He reported to his ISF officials of the Sabres' progress into the FedCom's FedSun border worlds. His reports reflected his trust in decision of Tai-i Sorenson's assessments of campaign.[5]


After serving with the Sabres, Shakir was assigned to the ISF's DEST. With DEST, he was given command of one of its DEST Teams. During his command, he and his unit were deployed against Clan Smoke Jaguar. After Assassination attempt on Coordinator by Kokuryu-kai influence DEST teams in 3058. His fanatical dedication to the Dragon and his tactical abilities on the battlefield allowed to be seen not target of the purge. Despite his transfer from the Sabres, he maintained strong ties with Sorenson.[6]

The Jihad and as ISF Director of the Draconis CombineEdit

At Age of 64 in 3075

By the dawn of the Word of Blake's Jihad, he was already serving as the head of the entire DEST organization. However, in 3068 ISF Director Ninyu Kerai-Indrahar was killed along with Jerrar's brother in a reported AFFS raid on Benjamin. Jerrar was then appointed as Ninyu's successor, due to his background. Once Jerrar had taken command of the ISF, he took a cautionary approach in dealing with the Kokuryu-kai traitors who had usurped commands and worlds from the Combine's leadership.

In 3069, due to traditions and codes of honor, he married his brother's wife, and adopted his son. In the same year, he came into dispute with Kanrei Kiyomori Minamoto on Benjamin due to his lack of progress in eliminating the Kokuryu-kai grip on Combine forces and worlds. His loyalty becomes question over this and his wife's family back ground being related to the Kokuryu-kai's leadership, "Council of Gems". In 3075 as result of this exchange with Kanrei, he has ISF undertaken bloody purges to root out the traitors in ranks of both military and civilian population. These purges would be considered to be part of Combine's quiet war against the Kokuryu-kai known as the Misogi War.[7][8]

Family & LegacyEdit

Jerrar married Kikiyra Jerrar, widow of his brother Toma. He also adopted Toma's son Jamal who would be his heir by 3070. Minor gossip surfaced regarding his adopted son, this is due to him appearing to have similar in physical characteristics to Jarrar. However, his family promptly disputed these facts.[9]

Titles and PositionsEdit


  • Shakir Jerrar was known during his military career with Sorenson's Sabres to pilot an ancient Hunchback BattleMech. This 'Mech which he named "Aces High", for its performance in 2935 it and pilot took down 5 enemy BattleMechs in less than four minutes. This 'Mech was modified by 3048 with a pair of Prototype Medium Pulse Lasers.[10]
  • It is noted in Shakir's profile that his adopted family has a high status. High enough status note need for heir, however it not clear if or what it is the heir too.


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