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Affiliation Gray Death Legion

Sharyl (b. 30?? – d. ????) was a mercenary MechWarrior who served with the Gray Death Legion. She was in the unit's fire lance.


Early LifeEdit

Sharyl was born on Dahar IV, in the Draconis March. She did not have a surname, and would identify herself as "Sharyl, Erik’s daughter" if necessary. She has been described as "small, attractive, tough, and resourceful". Sharyl had a need to prove her abilities as a MechWarrior were as good as any male pilot in the Successor States.

From Tech to MechWarriorEdit

She fled her homeworld and an arranged marriage, travelling aboard a freighter. Her first service was as a Tech attached to McKinnon’s Raiders. During the Battle of Harrow’s Sun, she took over a ramshackle Shadow Hawk that had been earmarked for spare parts. She participated in guerrilla operations against Kuritan troops in a month-long campaign.

Sharyl was awarded a substantial bonus for her part in the action, but when she asked to formally join the Raiders, Ian McKinnon snubbed her. Class prejudice was against her, a commoner seeking to be a MechWarrior. Sharyl's response was to buy passage offworld, taking the Shadow Hawk with her. She travelled to Galatea, and from there served in a number of minor conflicts as a freelance mercenary. Over time, she made enough money and captured enough salvage to fund a complete overhaul of her BattleMech.[1]

In service to the Gray DeathEdit

Sharyl joined the Gray Death hoping that the upstart unit's reputation would grant her another opportunity to prove herself. She fought alongside the Legion on Helm in 3028, during the intrigue aimed at claiming a SLDF storage facility hidden on that world. [2]


She piloted an SHD-2D Shadow Hawk.


  • Sharyl's entry in Gray Death Legion lists her age as 29, where Grayson Death Carlyle is listed as being 26. This implies that she was born in 3001.


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