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Sigma Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat)

Sigma Galaxy (Clan Nova Cat).jpg
Sigma Galaxy
Unit Profile (as of 3078)
Nickname Spiritual Vision
Parent Formation Clan Nova Cat Touman
Disbanded 3078


Ignited a feud with Delta Galaxy of Clan Hell's Horses after a brutal clash in 2888.

During the Combine-Ghost Bear War of 3062, Sigma struck the world of Labrea with the full force of an entire galaxy. The unit extracted revenge on the Ghost Bears for their invasion. The Nova Cat Lancers led the 179th Battle and 189th Striker to the world of Tinaca to threaten Ghost Bear capital of Alshain with possible invasion.

In 3078 during the Jihad Sigma Galaxy was assigned to Devlin Stone's Coalition. As part of the force that raided New Home during Operation SCOUR, Sigma was part of a team that fought the 43rd, 45th, and 47th Shadow Divisions.[1] They succeeded in destroying the Word of Blake forces,[2] but only at the cost of nearly three-quarters of their warriors.[1]

The surviving 246th Battle Cluster was transferred to Delta Galaxy and the Dragonclaw Cluster to Xi Galaxy, then Sigma was disbanded.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Sigma Galaxy
Galaxy Commander Kelly Hardo 3062[citation needed]



Composition HistoryEdit


Sigma Galaxy[3]


Sigma Galaxy[4]


Sigma Galaxy

  • Lachesis Keshik Supernova Trinary
  • 179th Striker Cluster
  • 189th Striker Cluster
  • 246th Battle Cluster
  • Nova Cat Lancers


Sigma Galaxy


  • In Invading Clans, Sigma appears to be the new name for the remains of Beta Galaxy, since they share the same nickname, component units and Commanding Officer. However, Field Manual: ComStar gives Sigma a history that goes back to well before Operation Revival.


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