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Silver Keshik (Clan Coyote)

Clan Coyote.jpg
Silver Keshik
Unit Profile (as of 3074)
Nickname The Chosen
Parent Formation Epsilon Galaxy
Disbanded 3074 (Destroyed)


The Silver Keshik was assigned to Alpha Galaxy in 3052 during the reorganisation of the Touman by Khan Sullivan Koga. When Silas Kufahl became Khan in 3062, saKhan Raven Clearwater transferred the Silver Keshik to Epsilon Galaxy.[1] In 3060 the Keshik was stationed on Strana Mechty but by 3067 had moved to Tamaron.[2][3]

In August 3073 the Silver Keshik was part of the force that arrived in the Vinton system. After a short naval engagement the Coyote Galaxies dropped onto the planet accompanied by three clusters of Society troops. The Shark's Fifteen Cruiser Cluster’s Attack Squadron strafed the Coyote DropShips as they came in to land, prompting to Coyote naval assets to bombard the planet. The Sharks threw everything they had against the invaders including ten of the newly raised Vinton Defense Clusters. The Ninety-fifth Strike Cluster was destroyed in the fighting which drew on for many months. In January 3074 the Shark launched a counter-attack at Pearl City devastating the 58th Battle Cluster, the 49th Battle Cluster and much of the Silver Keshik. Although none of the Shark warriors of this attack survived the Clan continued to resist the Coyote advance, however by March 3074 the Coyotes had won the war of attrition and captured every major city. The Coyotes stripped the planet of valuable material and bombarded what was left when they withdrew in July 3074.[4]

In December 3074 the Steel Vipers launched a massive assault on against Clan Coyote on Tamaron with six Galaxies and a large naval force. Sakhan Clearwater along with the remnant of the Silver Keshik was part of the Coyote defending force. The Viper warships opened up holes in the Coyote SDS allowing the DropShips a path through. The Vipers Alpha Galaxy led the way but it wasn't long until all six Galaxies had made planetfall despite the fierce aerospace attacks. After a week fighting the Vipers finally forced the remnant of the Coyote navy to flee. The ground forces made for their objectives, several major factory complexes in the Apache Mountains. The fighting to defend these saw both Epsilon and Lambda Galaxies destroyed. The Vipers then moved against the Coyote capital city of San Mateo. By 16th December the Vipers had the city surrounded and most of Delta and Rho Galaxies had been destroyed. SaKhan Clearwater was killed in the final Trial of Possession and the Silver Keshik effectively destroyed.[5]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of the Silver Keshik
saKhan Pazi Tchernovkov Prior to 3056[6]
saKhan Silas Kufahl 3056 - 3062[7]
saKhan Raven Clearwater 3062 - 3074[3]


The Silver Keshik was traditionally commanded by the saKhan of the Clan.


The Keshik preferred to fight as an independent unit.

Composition HistoryEdit


Silver Keshik [7]


Silver Keshik - Elite/Reliable [7]

  • 6 Trinaries, including a fast Supernova Trinary that was added in 3056.


Silver Keshik - Elite/Fanatical [3]

  • 100% full strength with 100% of the force equipped with OmniMechs.


The Keshik can use overrun movement if no other friendly clusters are on the battlefield. If there are they lose this ability and gain a -2 to initiative.[8]


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