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Simon Kroeger

Simon Kroeger
Affiliation Lyran Commonwealth
One Star Faith
One Star Faith prophet


Simon Kroeger founded the One Star Faith.

In 2801, on the world of Graceland, belonging to the Tamar Pact, Simong Kroeger, then a wealthy trader,claimed to have experienced a religious revelation upon staring through a neighbour's telescope, stating that instead of seeing: [1] [2]

Myriad stars awash in the sea of black space, I saw instead a single star. This one star burned blue with purity. About this truthful star was a world, and about this world, so green and inviting, were the long abandoned ships of General Kerensky.[1]

Word of Kroeger's vision soon spread, many considering him to be a prophet against his wishes. The increasing number of converts soon led an unsympathetic nobleman forcing Kroeger and his followers to leave Graceland, triggering the group to begin a pilgrimage through the Lyran Commonwealth searching for the One Star, a system with a world they believed would be Paradise. Though only spending a brief time on each world visited, Kroeger's fame spread, eventually spawning a whole religion.[1] [2]

The Faith continued after Kroeger's death.


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